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Hi, I'm gsquaredxc. Concerned about WP:COI or WP:NPOV? Check out my unofficial COI. Tl;dr: I don't really have any.

My contributions to Wikipedia[edit]

Conversion of all non-http links to have a http:// before the link.

Removal of unnecessary template: from templates.

Up to articles starting with E that have links equal to linktext.

Starting to upgrade http links to https

My goals for contributing to Wikipedia[edit]

Remove all unnecessary bytes from Wikipedia so I can download it. My rate of removing unnecessary tags is about 58KB/5000 edits.

Fix formatting across Wikipedia.

Make Wikipedia more secure and private by having references use https.

My goals for Wikipedia as a whole[edit]

All the information[edit]

Wikipedia should store all notable information. See User:Emijrp/All_Human_Knowledge.

100% accuracy[edit]

100% accuracy may seem impossible, but it shouldn't really be considered that difficult. Most things stay constant, (i.e. information about history or Internet Explorer) so there is a small amount of change for a significant number of the Wikipedia:Vital_articles. For the number of contributors to Wikipedia, making these articles all FA and well sourced should be little issue.[citation needed]

10% time tax[edit]

Wikipedia has saved millions and possibly billions of people time researching different topics or trying to learn something. If you contribute just 10% of the time Wikipedia has saved you into improving Wikipedia, Wikipedia will continue to improve while never actually requiring people to actually give up time to Wikipedia. If people contribute something that might save 1 minute of research from 600 people, they have saved mankind 10 hours. A contribution of such a size might take them 1 hour, but ends up saving many people a significant amount of time because of the sheer number of people that use Wikipedia. Following the 10% tax, they might make such a contribution to Wikipedia after Wikipedia saves them 10 hours. A system like the 10% tax causes compounding returns. As well as that, Wikipedia isn't going anywhere. Wikipedia will likely stick around for hundreds or thousands of years. Even a small page might be viewed millions of times over long spans of time. So please, if Wikipedia has helped you, give back just a fraction of the time it has saved you.

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