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Clerk-fez.pngI am clerk for the Arbitration Committee. (App. 1 :: Interim App. :: App. 3)

Oversight logo.pngI was an oversighter from 2013 until 2018. (Access :: Removal)
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My name is Tom and I am an administrator, functionary, and Arbitration Committee Clerk here on the English Wikipedia. Between January 2015 and December 2016, I served a two-year term as an arbitrator. In my real life, I am a GIS analyst, public policy junkie, and a recovering emo kid. I grew up in a world on a border that partly sparked my interest in the social sciences.

Here are some things I wrote/worked on/started:

Didier Lefèvre, Jackie Hudson (Good ArticleDYK article), Carol Gilbert (DYK article), Margaret McKenna (Good ArticleDYK article), Emily Graslie (DYK article), David Abner (DYK article), Hezekiah Balch (DYK article), Richard Withers (Good ArticleDYK article), Ellen Diggs
Pop Music
Straight edge, Bent edge (DYK article), Positive hardcore, My Forever (album), He Is We, Manliftingbanner, Roll a D6, Toil (album) (Good ArticleDYK article), Phantom Tollbooth (band)
Old Time/Folk Music
The Mermaid (ballad) (DYK article), Pittsburgh Town (Good ArticleDYK article), Talking Union (DYK article), Good Old Mountain Dew (Good ArticleDYK article), Pete Seeger discography, The Bourgeois Blues (Good Article)
The Scoutmaster (DYK article), Growth of a Leader (DYK article), We, too, have a Job to Do (DYK article), List of Boy Scout calendar illustrations by Norman Rockwell
Adler & Sullivan, Tradition (DYK article), The Photographer (comics), Warming center, 24th World Scout Jamboree, Lendink (DYK article), Die-in, May Day (Washington College) (DYK article), Baked & Wired, Astrue v. Capato, Your LL Bean Boyfriend (DYK article), Bean Boots (DYK article), Lt. Gov. You've Gotta Love (DYK article), Frozen (advertisement) (DYK article), List of Washington College alumni ()