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I started this page because I am interested in the comments about Alinei's Paleolithic Continuity Theory and in particular in the comments about his recent book on Etruscan as an archaic form of Hungarian, about which you may have a look at the article Etruscan language and the discussion therein. I am neither an archeologist nor a linguist, but a physicist. If you read my comments in the discussion page of the article about Etruscan language, please leave your opinion, there or in my talk page.

Thanks, Guparra. You wrote "Then Alinei hypothesis follows, to which he adds about four hundred pages of linguistic and archeologic evidence, among which a sensible translation of the Pyrgi Tablets". Could you share with me the new translation for the Pyrgi Tablets? Or is it in one of his downloadable pdfs? (at first look, I could not find it)