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My User Page. What can I say? Major in Economics, university studies in math, tech uni studies in mechanical engineering. I speak three European languages at mother-tongue level, and two more reasonably well. 5 years teaching at university, owned a 100+ person company in the eighties, my first computer program written in 1969! in Fortran. I recently built the electronics and wrote the software to control a plastics processing machine that uses over 20.000 Watts of electric power. Hobbies include philosophy, programming, Linux (ever since before v 0.91), Microsoft bashing, psychology, astronomy, cosmology, biology, anthropology, photography, sailing and downhill skiing. When my ex wife lends me my own kids, I try to help them become whole, stable, normal, successful people, who hopefully can live their entire lives happier than average, and who can cope with the unavoidable occasional hard times we all have to face in life.