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Hello I'm h2g2bob. I contribute to wikipedia every so often, and I'm also involved in other wiki sites. Feel free to leave me a message.

Who are you?

Incredibly handsome and sexy man smiles at the camera. Citation needed.
A picture of myself

My real name is David Batley, but I'm known to many as Physics Dave. I live in Eastwood, Essex in the United Kingdom. I'm a python programmer for a small company. I'm also an alumnus of the University of Exeter, having earned a 2:1 MPhys in theoretical physics.

My name is a compound of h2g2, a website founded by Douglas Adams as The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy's Earth Edition; and Bob a name which sounds funny.

My website is In my spare time I do UnPlug (download video from websites), DipDaq (see how much some money is actually worth) and Deletionpedia (see old Wikipedia pages).

On Wikipedia, I'm mostly looking at improving coverage before the 2010 general election.

GPG key

I have a GPG key which can you can use to check signed messages or send me messages in private.

My public key is on my website and on keyservers and has identity 81EE1C9C and fingerprint 43A8 4E41 1664 0ED5 7835 1127 45B7 753E 81EE 1C9C.

Also check that I added this fingerprint.


Comma-adding code golf

[','.join(reversed([n[-i-3:-i or None] for i in range(0,len(n),3)])) for n in ("1000000",)][0]