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I am the administrator of HPNEWIK, a site I built. I am, therefore, very interested in Harry Potter, so I help out in the community portal - see Portal:Harry Potter.

I have re-organized the web links list a few times, but I'm not sure if I have done it 'properly', but I suppose that's why this is a wiki, so people can come later and fix it if I make errors (though I try not to, anyway).

The web links section used to be just a plain list of links. I then added headings and categorized the links, and then I moved them into two columns. I have now taken links that link to smaller sites or sites I have not recognized (which is saying quite a bit, as I browse through tons of sites), and moved them to a new page. I am worried I named the page incorrectly; I named it Harry Potter/Other Sites. I think it should probably be named Smaller Harry Potter Sites, but I wasn't really thinking that clearly when I made it, as I was using tabbed browsing to try to both remove the old links and add the new at the same time...

But... now I have changed my mind. The WIKI is not a place for these kinds of links. So I have removed the ones I added. I kept the others on the second page, however, as I am not sure they belong in the same category as the others.

I also changed the color from that annoying yellow with white to a green with white. I tried a red, but I couldn't get the text to be colored white to go well on the red. I will look into removing the standard edit box completely and going with a completely HP customized box, but that would be a lot of work.


My site is at