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Mr Huang supports LGBT rights and has attended Pink Dot rally at Hong Lim Park in 2015

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Mr Huang (User:HYH.124) is a male Singaporean of Chinese descent from the Sengkang area, who joined Wikipedia since October 12, 2013 (2013-10-12) (for 1 year, 327 days).

Contact me at my Wikipedia user talk page. Alternatively, you may either send me an e-mail via, or internally for registered users. I also maintain a user page on the Chinese Wikipedia.


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number is:3197938091.

Recommended works[edit]

You may click here for my specific contributions to Wikipedia. Here are some recommended works:

Hong Kong column[edit]

I hereby dedicate a special column for my Wikipedia works on Hong Kong. The column lists articles which I have translated from Hong Kong Wikipedian Clithering's excellent contributions to the Chinese Wikipedia. Language is without borders and you might wish to read these articles to know more about the city!

Barnstars conferred[edit]

I have received the following barnstars on the English Wikipedia so far (See original message):

If you wish to award me a barnstar, I would gladly accept it. Feel free to do so on my talk page.

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