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Students in two of my courses substantially expand pertinent Wikipedia stubs as their major project for the term.

Environmental Disruptors of Development: This is an upper division, advanced experience course where students learn about pollutants and consumer product chemicals that disrupt animal development through reading the primary literature, in class discussion, in depth literature research and development of a Wikipedia entry.
Course Pages
BI513 Fall 2011
BI513 Spring 2014
BI513 Spring 2015
BI513 Spring 2016

Developmental Biology: This is an upper division course where students learn about early animal development from production of sperm and eggs, to fertilization, cleavage, gastrulation and selected topics in later development. The primary course project is expansion of a Wikipedia stub entry on a topic pertinent to the course.
My list of WP pages that might be good for students in Dev Bio courses to expand Dev Bio Topics
Course Pages
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