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Premeditated vandalism or planned vandalism is vandalism that is thought out in advance prior to being committed. It is generally committed not by newbies but by experienced editors who know in advance the tricks to editing semi-protected pages making the vandalism less noticeable, and avoiding sanctions.

Premeditated vandalism is often committed by those using sockpuppet or other single-purpose accounts.

Types of premeditated vandalism[edit]

Sneaky vandalism[edit]

Sneaky vandalism is vandalism that is committed in a manner in which detection is avoided.

Page-move vandalism[edit]

Page-move vandalism is often premeditated. Since an account must be autoconfirmed in order to move a page, either the vandal is an editor who has mostly been productive, or else a sock puppet account has been used with an attack plan to move the page.

Actions that shall be taken[edit]

Sockpuppet investigation[edit]

Due to the likelihood that the perpetrator is an experienced editor and therefore operating another account, a sockpuppet investigation shall be opened, perhaps using a checkuser inquiry.

Page protection[edit]

Protection or semi-protection of the page in question may be necessary. If a page has been moved to a title not plausible for ever being that of a legitimate Wikipedia article, that title should be blocked from creation.