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Hemdee Kiwanuka aka DeeAfrican... What about him? Oh yeah... I am suppose to be talking about him. DeeAfrican loves life and everything in it. Not everything is perfect, but really, who or what is perfect? Think about it.


We all join Wikipedia to help... help... help... and try to make things perfect on Wikipedia, but no matter how much we all help and continue contributing to Wikipedia, it's a never ending story. and that's why it's very important for DeeAfrican to always remain cool, calm and collected, because I don't expect things to be perfect.

Urgent & Important[edit]

In DeeAfrican's life he focus on what is important, rather than what is argent... Some people don't realize the difference between what's important and what is argent. In DeeAfrican's opinion, "Urgency passes and "Important" doesn't.


DeeAfrican joined Wikipedia and became a Wikipedian because it is a choice, he loves helping, what started out as let me see what Wikipedia was about, it is now part of DeeAfrican's life. You have to love being a Wikipedian to keep coming back, and you must love it. DeeAfrican wants to learn and learn and continue learning, just to help others.

So is it important for DeeAfrican to be a wikipedian? What do you think? :)