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Oh My God[edit]

Douglas Greenwald, Claude Alvin Villee, Jr. and Robert Carr-Hartley all fell. I have tried to reword them from the original sources I sought, but it all seems in vain. The three are still regarded as infringement of copyrights.

The first en-wiki article to be recommended to WP:DYK, Li Shouli, was also under a lot of doubts. Awkwards? Well, I really could not find some better words while I was writing.

Leonard Case Jr.[edit]

I wish it would never be challenged for copyright problems. Sincerely.

Oh My God II[edit]

Again. Maybe I have been too greedy.

However, at least to my surprise, Douglas was saved.

Why Do Some Chinese Characters Have No Articles in Chinese But Have Those in English?[edit]

Too sarcastic.

See details in my Chinese talk page.

I wish there to be someone to create their Chinese articles.


Hey, HenryXVII. My apologies about the Pearl of Brittany article. I've been meaning to say this for a while...I came across a little harshly, and I apologize for the tone. I do stand by the comment, but I realize I could have been a lot gentler in saying it. Thanks for contacting me again. :) Timber72 (talk) 22:03, 14 December 2013 (UTC)