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The Wild Wild Westmar Show is an internationally syndicated, talk and comedy, radio program hosted by Brad Westmar. The show is heard in the United States and around the world on numerous terrestrial and internet radio stations. The KChost Radio Network in Kansas City, Missouri is the show's flagship station.


  • Brad Westmar: host and creator
  • Rick "The Juke" Eidson: executive producer
  • Hot Carl: co-host
  • Rancho Relaxo: co-host

Other various co-hosts[edit]

  • Blythe Renay
  • Alan The Drunken Marine
  • Gery Vermin
  • Rufus Blisters
  • Twisted
  • Dirty Dave Cox


  • Jody Thornton: Promos and Imaging
  • Rob Powers: Sweeper Voice


The foundation, 1991-1997[edit]

Brad Westmar officially began his radio career as "B.J. Bradley" in 1991. He was a disc jockey for KGLI (FM) in his hometown of Sioux City, Iowa and worked there until moving to Kansas City in 1997. He left the broadcasting business at that time.


In 2003, while residing in Kansas City, Westmar began experimenting with his own internet radio broadcasts, hoping to gain syndication from terrestrial stations. Because of a lack of resources, he soon joined an upstart internet radio comedy and talk show instead. Westmar was present on this show for only a couple of months.


In the summer of 2005, Rick Eidson, a professional web-programmer, contacted Westmar about a new radio network he was starting up. Eidson was familiar with Westmar's broadcast background and wanted him to bring to life a comedy, talk and variety show. The Wild Wild Westmar Show débuted on The KChost Radio Network on October 18 2005.

Show segments[edit]

The Wild Wild Westmar Show has created many recurring segments such as:

  • Word Of The Week: Probably the longest running segment on the show. Every week Brad reads an unusual word or phrase and Juke and the co-hosts attempt to decipher the definition. After the real definition is read the gang will discuss it, which often leads them to tangent topics. Word Of The Week is usually read during the first hour, which apparently gives everyone a chance to use the word in a sentence at some point during the latter parts of the show.
  • What Can't Brad Bitch About?: Because he's infamous for complaining about things, a segment was developed in an attempt for the gang to come up with things he can't complain about. A co-host will give Brad a subject (he has already adamantly stated that his wife and mother are off limits) and he will instantly complain (bitch) about the subject and the things he doesn't like about it.
  • Your Podcast Sucks: Often referred to as "the thinning of the herd", this segment was apparently created to stress how much more entertaining The Wild Wild Westmar Show is compared to other "pretend" shows that are available. Clips from a particularly bad podcast are played and made fun of by Brad and the crew. Brad has said repeatedly on the air that he is waiting for one of the featured shows to discover that he is making fun of them, but doesn't feel it would be right to contact them with this information himself.
  • What's In Juke's Goatee?: A newer segment similar to the game "twenty questions" where Juke hypothetically has something stuck in his goatee and the rest of the gang asks him questions in order to figure out what the item is. Inevitably, Juke out-thinks himself and makes the item too specific and confusing for anyone to figure out the answer.
  • What's Hot And What's Not: Known for being culinary, Rancho brings in some spicy-hot foods for he and Brad to taste test on the air. This has resulted in Rancho breaking out in sweats and Brad developing hiccups.
  • Poetry With Rancho: Rancho brings in a poem and asks for complete seriousness while he recites it. This always leads to the rest of the crew interrupting him out of boredom. Rancho gets mad (or at least pretends to) and always insists on starting over.
  • Noises Of Mystery: Rancho plays clips of sounds he has recorded during his everyday life from the previous week. The rest of the crew attempts to decipher what the sounds are as well as what the overall theme is.
  • Westmar's Real Radio Daze: Clips are played from Brad's days in "real" FM radio as a Top 40 disc jockey. Some clips are good, some are bad. Background is often given and discussed.
  • Stump The Chump: Brad shows his music knowledge that he attributes to his "real radio daze". This segment finds Brad identifying pop songs (mainly from the 1980s) based on the opening notes, as in Name That Tune. In order to cater to the Juke and Hot Carl, Brad also organized a Rush (band) version of Stump The Chump and had the two compete against each other.
  • Who Said That?: A simple segment where Brad reads a few sentences from a past show and the co-hosts are expected to guess "who said that". After all guesses are given, the clip from the show is played, hence, giving the answer.
  • No Budget Match Game: This is an extremely popular segment that doesn't happen very often. A knock-off of the 70's T.V. game show, Match Game, Brad refers to it as "No Budget Match Game" because the show has no money to give contestants any actual prizes. Show characters are used as the celebrity panel which usually results in some outlandish answers.
  • Ghosts From The Studio Portal: The KChost studio was said to have a portal of paranormal activity early on in the show's existence. Clarence (Rancho) and Tobias (Brad) are the ghosts who sometimes visit from the studio portal. They usually tell tales of the past as well as giving insight on what the afterlife is like.
  • The Ghost Of Elvis: Also apparently originating from the studio portal is the Ghost of Elvis Presley (Brad), who tends to act a bit more gruff in death than he did in life. During his first appearance on the show he began calling the Juke "Freak" when addressing him, told Rancho to stop talking so much, and broached the subject of sexual fetishes.
  • Ice To An Eskimo: This recurring segment is a pretend self-help podcast for salesmen in which Klaus DaDeal (Brad) helps a struggling salesman named Sid "The Animal" Hannibal (Rancho) with his selling slump. DaDeal is so in love with himself that his advice often gets misinterpreted by Sid, causing him even more problems.
  • Wild Wild Weird News: A segment where Brad reads strange news stories and discusses them with the gang. These days it often includes re-enactments where Brad and the gang pretend to be characters from the stories and exchange dialogue.
  • Food Olympics: A special event show that took place in the KChost Radio Network parking lot as Rufus Blisters took on Twisted in an eating contest. Rufus won by a landslide, but it's still not clear if he's a human or a machine. Foods eaten included raw hot dogs, chocolate pudding, and corn.
  • St. Valentine's Day Massacre: This was a one-time event where Catkins and Alan The Drunken Marine faced off in what was called a "Root Beer Float Drinking Contest" on the air. It is now publicly known that the two were actually having an alcoholic beer drinking contest. By the end of the show it was clear that both were rather drunk. Catkins won the contest 18 to 11. A game of No Budget Match Game was played late in the show where Popeye (Catkins) and Kermit The Frog (Alan) participated on the celebrity panel.
  • No Budget Football: Coward Wholesale (Brad) gives the play by play as one co-host and a person on the phone play an alternative version of football by coming up with their own answers to predetermined Top 10 List topic. The Juke judges how good each contestant's answers are and moves the players up and down the field accordingly.
  • Say What?: A clip of a popular song is played and the crew is asked to figure out what lyrics are actually sung. Many possible variations of lyrics are discussed; some funny, some ridiculous.
  • Pieces Of Tale: A segment that never ends well as Rancho and Brad make up a story as they go along, taking turns sentence by sentence.
  • Game: Using diseases and conditions from, two contestants (usually co-hosts) compete against each other in building a pyramid of three ailments that gets progressively funnier.
  • Juke's B.P. Meds: It was discovered early on in the show's existence that Executive Producer Rick "The Juke" Eidson has high blood pressure and is a complete disaster on the air when he hasn't taken his medication for several days. This short bit was developed to help Juke remember to take his medication, order more of them, or make a doctor's appointment to get more, if necessary.
  • FMK: The "Would you rather fuck, marry, or kill them?" game. The gang are given three randomly selected people, usually celebrities. They need to decide which they would prefer to have sex with, marry, or kill. There are no correct answers.

Frequent callers[edit]

  • Long Dark Krack
  • Grandpa Westmar
  • J.J. a 34-year old virgin
  • Bjorn Knobgompier
  • Wendell and The Tree
  • Rocky, Juke's neighbor
  • Timmy, Brad's neighbor
  • Dewi
  • Catkins a lonely bachelor
  • Fiberoptician and his wife, Yen
  • Dr. Arm
  • The Mighty Griff

Friends of the show[edit]

  • Spankwagon Radio
  • Bear In The Morning
  • Brain Damage
  • September Leach
  • Emery Emery
  • Craig Carmean
  • Roger Barr

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