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Herbolzheim: a pleasant little town on the western edge of the Schwarzwald in SW Deutschland. Fields of sunflowers and corn overshadowed by the forest mountains. But I'm from a pleasant little district of NE London which is overshadowed by the Olympic Park, and the only sunflower is in a neighbour's garden (but it's a big one).

Likes: Wife, daughter, mother, christian, christian socialism, the BBC, Spurs, Leyton Orient, Bayern Munchen, Boston Redsox, Norwich City, history, language etymology, writing, opera, music, Deutschland, St James's Cathedral Innsbruck, Westminster Cathedral London, London, Londoners of all sorts, kindness, peacemakers, International Herald Tribune, The Economist, First News, fine beer, humour, walking, forests, good food (haute cuisine to good kebabs - try The Istanbul, Hoe Street E17), The Globe, Morgan Freeman, pretty kind intelligent women, old men who have learned tolerance and to work with the human condition, my priest.

Dislikes: unnecessary pedantry, rudeness, arrogance, mean spiritedness, class-prejudice (especially from people who are a step or two away from a working-class background themselves), racists in the true sense of the word (although casual sloppy prejudice - even when not really meant - is also hard to accept), over-emphasis on the need for multiculturism by people making a career out of it, the gym (but necessary I suppose), people who want public services but don't want to pay taxes, people who believe that all things should be done through markets due to ideology/stupidity/selfishness, bullies.

Not sure about Westfield: great if plenty of time and money but this is perhaps the poorest part of London and the south-east and I feel a bit guilty enjoying the shopping, especially as it's sucking the life out of other shopping areas.... --Herbolzheim (talk) 23:31, 18 November 2011 (UTC)