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Welcome to Herman Mas

Writing about unique science and technology is my hobby. Playing with some words, either others understand or not what I'm talking about is so exciting. The more complicated the problem is the easier I say "Go on!". You'll find that I've never been frustrated or being tired of trying to be better.

I love wikipedia as a complete and qualified resources ('hope it always be). And, All of my friends here are so helpful to show me how to share knowledge and how to write good writing as a kind of contribution to all people through wiki. For experts in wiki, perhaps, All the things I serve is not enough to be approved as a nice and useful writing. But, that's me. I would be better day by day. Nothing I can say right now, but "Keep trying to share to other people who - actually - need some useful information right here.

My first work

1st: Kanopi, Kategori: Kanopi Baja Ringan - Seriously started writing on Dec 2nd, 2018. Good day!

Systematically Writing

  • SandBox (SandBox )
  • Preferably discussion: Construction, Travel and Tourist Attraction in Indonesia, Art, Programming, Economy, Religion, Future, Animation and Humanity.