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HitPlay (JoJoHo+SeanyP)[edit]


HitPlay is a production team consisting of veteran Record Producer/Composer (Emmy Award winner, Platinum & Grammy Award winning album production), Joe Hogue, aka "JoJoHo", & Award Winning songwriter & producer, Sean Petersen, aka "Seany P". Combined, JoJoHo+Seany P have over 30 years of experience working with artists, such as Michael McDonald, Roy Orbison, Donna Summer, Faith Evans, Take 6 & more.

Joe Hogue, aka "JoJoHo", has worked on 3 Grammy Awarded Albums including Bebe & Cece Winans - Different Lifestyles & Handels Messiah- A Soulful Celebration. JoJoHo also produced DC Talk's Grammy Award Winning "Rock Gospel Album of the Year", Free at Last. Altogether, JoJoHo has been a part of 13 GOLD & 5 RIAA certified PLATINUM albums, as well as, 6 Grammy album nominations. Additionally as a composer, JoJoHo (Joe Hogue) garnered an Emmy Award for composing A&E's "Biography Theme" and, in total, he has received 5 Emmy nominations.

Sean Petersen, aka "Seany P", is an award winning songwriter and a graduate of Belmont University. Seany P also wrote & produced the song, "All Night"(aka "Unlock the Flow"), for South Korean K-Pop artist, SE7EN. "All Night" was a single off Se7en's album, 24/7, which sold over 100,000 copies. Se7en also performed "All Night" at the 2006 World Cup, in Seoul, Korea as well as the 2006 Seoul Drama Awards.

HitPlay(JoJoHo+Seany P) have been in collaboration for 7 years & together co-own & operate, HitPlay Productions LLC. Collectively, as HitPlay, they are diverse in virtually every genre (pop,rock,r&b,funk,classical,dance,electronica,gospel and more). In 2007, HitPlay won the Grand Prize for the USA Songwriting Competition with their song, "Where the Music Takes You". And in 15 weeks, recorded by Ari Gold, the song has climbed to #10 on Billboard's "Dance Club Play Chart".


•GRAMMY Awarded Album -dc talk- Free at Last
•GRAMMY Awarded Album -Handel’s Messiah- A Soulful Celebration
•GRAMMY Awarded Album -Bebe & Cece Winans- Different Lifestyles
•EMMY Award Winner -Title Theme A&E’s Biography Series
•Regional EMMY Award Winner -615 Music Productions Montage
•BMI TV Music Award Winner -A&E Biography
Dove Award Winner -Generation 2 Generation
•America’s Christian Music Awards Winner -dc talk
•Nashville Advertising Federation Addy Award Winner -Nashville Cares
•USA Songwriting Competition 2008 BEST POP SONG & GRAND PRIZE Winner
-Ari Gold for "Where the Music Takes You" (Writers: JOJOHO, Sean Petersen, Ari Gold)

Gold & Platinum Albums[edit]

RIAA Certified Gold/Platinum -dc talk- Free At Last
•RIAA Certified Gold/Platinum -Bebe & Cece Winans- Different Lifestyles
•RIAA Certified Gold/Platinum -Michael W. Smith- Change Your World
•RIAA Certified Gold -Chante Moore- Precious
•RIAA Certified Gold -dc talk- Intermission
•RIAA Certified Gold -dc talk- Nu Thang
•RIAA Certified Gold -Point of Grace- Point of Grace
•RIAA Certified Gold -Carman- Heart of a Champion
•RIAA Certified Gold -Carman- Addicted to Jesus
•RIAA Certified Gold -Wow Worship- Aqua
•RIAA Certified Gold/Platinum -Carman- Addicted to Jesus (Video)
•RIAA Certified Gold -dc talk- Narrow is the Road (Video)
•CRIA Gold Award -Holiday Heroes
•CRIA Gold Award -Uniting the Spirit


•5 Emmy Nominations
•6 Grammy Album Nominations
•10 Dove Award Nominations

Movies & Television[edit]

Hometown Legend - "Movieguide’s Top Ten Family Movie of the Year" - Composer Joe Hogue
Straight Acting - Featuring Sean Petersen's song "This Town"
Speed 2 - Cruise Control Featuring Tamia's "Make Tonight Beautiful" - Arrangement/Programming by Joe Hogue
A&E "Biography Theme" - Emmy Winner -Composed by Joe Hogue ....Full Discography Coming Soon!

Recent HitPlay Billboard Activity[edit]


"Where The Music Takes You"
Produced & Written by HitPlay(JoJoHo+Seany P) & Ari Gold

Recent Album Reviews

Ari Gold[edit]

Ari Gold- Where The Music Takes You "Maxi-Single"

"New and melodic positive energy song...great laid-back pop mix...incredible melodies and harmonies.", 4 of 5 Stars

“Where The Music Takes You” is bound to take music fans on a journey they’ll never forget. (It’s an) infectious, feel-good song (and) positioned to become a radio hit and the next club smash.”

~NeuFutur Magazine

Ari Gold- Transport Systems
"R&B-electro-dance sounds that are a pleasant surprise...pleasant dance-pop...deserves credit for tackling lyrical subjects not usually linked with dance pop."

~All Music Guide

"R&B-flavored pop...takes the listener to fresh places."

~People Magazine, 3 of 4 Stars
"Infectious grooves, thick harmonies and melodic hooks...For the first single, the horn driven, earth wind and fire-esque retro house jam "Where The Music Takes You," Gold collaborated with Grammy Award Winning Producer Joe Hogue (of HitPlay)...Sexy, smart and soulful, the buzz has already begun that Transport Systems is a breakthrough album."

"Combines everything we ever loved about Michael and Janet…and Transport Systems is pretty much his Thriller-A musically and lyrically ambitious tour de force of modern sexuality, as concerned with turning heads as it is torsos. Its the kind of exuberant soul boogie George Michael once made...and it gives us hope for the future of sexy pop."

~INSTINCT Magazine

“Infectious and clubby beats from the bedroom to the dance floor. Props for using vocal effects eloquently - it’s an art! A heady and respectable body of work to stand the test of time. With brilliant production work, openly homoerotic work and classic grooves with modern production techniques.”

~San Fransisco Bay Times

SONG PICKS: "Where the Music Takes You" "Ride to Heaven" "Love Wasn't Built in a Day"

"Transport Systems is also ridiculously catchy...another firm R&B tradition...subversive lyrics through smooth vocals and clean production."


"A pop music masterpiece."

~OUT & ABOUT Newspaper, Nashville

"Where The Music Takes You" (has) those melodies and harmonies that are so smooth and enjoyable..."Ride To Heaven"… if you listen carefully to the lyrics, have some great sexual innuendos...The album is soulful, smart and a pleasure to listen to.", 4 of 5 Stars
“Arrangements combine house, R&B, pop, electro, hip-hop, smooth jazz and rock, both soft and hard, with soulful vocals for a radio-ready album that sounds like a greatest-hits collection. The music is never less than energetic and uplifting. "Ride to Heaven" is a playful love song with a booty-thumping Miami bass line. "Where the Music Takes You," the album's first single, is funky hip-pop. (The) inspiring message of musical salvation is a little bit of dance-club heaven (and will) easily make it a worldwide anthem. "Good Relationship" sings the praises of fidelity without discounting the difficulties of maintaining a long-term partnership. The lyric is full of subtle humor and deep insight.”, Best of 2007

“A soulful brass-laden shout out to the early 90’s.”

~OUT Magazine

“A true pop collection infused with R&B danceable rhythms and slick production, Transport Systems is an album that for my money ranks up there with that of the years breakout artist Robin Thicke...a brilliant album.”

“Ari wrote a very personal album and the lyrics attest to the battles that he’s been through…he writes from the heart”

~Clive Davis

“Honest and distinctly original.”


“Straight people need to hear his album!

~IN LA Magazine

“Transport Systems is filled with sexy and funked up R&B pop tunes that will surely please fans and surely make many new ones.”

~Arjan Writes on Bravo’S Outzone TV

“‘political pop’...takes listeners on a joy ride...Tackling issues within the structure of a pop song has become Gold’s forte and this CD is no exception. Gold manages to tell tales with infectious grooves intact.”


“You will fall in love with Transport Systems.”


Kelly King[edit]

Kelly King- Live the Dream

"King's powerful, multifaceted... debut album that truly lives up to her inspiring breakthrough story."

"...Great variety...a solid kickass presentation...edgy production values."

"Among the others are the delicate and soaring "Dreamer", infectious body-burners like "Get Over It" and thumping numbers like "Unlock the Flow"

"...This diverse date celebrates everything good about indie-minded music-making in the mid-2000s."
~ All Music Guide, 4 of 5 Stars
AMG Track Picks:
"Tame Me" "Unlock the Flow" "Workin Girl"

"...The new year is the time to crown the next King."



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