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hmwith's admin recall page

Process & criteria[edit]

  • If one has an issue with my use of administrative buttons, a compromise must be attempted on my talk page.
  • If this fails, a user may open a certified admin user conduct RfC to "reconfirm" my adminship.
  • A neutral admin shall judge the consensus at the end of a one week period.
  • If the RfC reaches a significant, good faith consensus that me being desysopped is for the greater good of Wikipedia, I will voluntarily step down.
  • This consensus must consist up of at least 5 editors in "good standing" who have been active & consistent contributors for at least a year.
  • In the future, I may go through a new RfA after concerns have passed.


  • Anything on this page may change at any time. However, I will not do this during an RfC of mine or when I have I knowledge of one brewing.
  • I do not intend to withdraw from this category. However, if I do, I will give one month's notice on my user page before doing so.
  • There cannot be more than one recall RfC in a 3 month period or two separate RfCs on the same topic.