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Kalanchoe tomentosa is a species of herbaceous perrenial in the Orpine family (Crassulaceae), native to Madagascar. Two common names "Panda Plant" and "Pussy Ears" are owed to the plant's felty or "tomentose" appearance; a characteristic shared by a number of other Kalanchoe species. Like nearly all other Kalanchoe species, K. tomentosa is a leaf succulent that can be readily propagated by various vegetive means. Unlike species of "Bryophyllum" - the leaf-sprouting section of the Kalanchoe genus - the Panda Plant does not form plKalanchoe tomentosa Panda Plant (fabooj).jpgantlets along its leaf margins. In standard form, K. tomentosa grows to approx. 30cm, in a clumping habit. Its stems and foliage are pale blue-grey with chocolate spots appearing along the leaf margins. It is a popular garden ornamental because of its striking form, ease of propagation and low water requirements. There are named cultivars in cultivation, such as "Golden Girl" and "Chocolate Soldier".