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Developer(s) Trackplus
Stable release
Operating system Windows, Unix, Mac OS X
Type Bugtracker
Licence Proprietary
Website Trackplus

Track+ is a project management software-tool. It is a web-based solution which is used for task management and bug tracking in many projects. The free version is limited to five users.

Track+ needs a web-server or application-server, e.g. Tomcat or Wildfly and a data-bank-server like MySQL, PostSQL or FirebirdSQL. Issues can be insert and attributed to an authorised person by relevant users. Every Issue runs trough a life time cycle which is marked by a status and a responsible person. Furthermore, every issue can be linked with several descriptions, every kind of document and other issues. The issues may be organized hierarchically.

The interpretation of an issue is rather general; e.g. an issue can be a requirement, a bug, a problem message, a milestone, or a risk etc. The types of activity can be specified by the user itself. Moreover, they can be linked with self-generated workflows. Overviews can be depicted in textuel designs and also graphically, e.g. in Gantt-charts.

Requirements to runtime environment[edit]

See page of the producer, which includes the following requirements: