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i never had an account here and i figured "what the hell, why not" so here i am. i don't use wikipedia too often, but it is the most popular wiki on the planet, so let's begin by saying i'm on youtube way more. i rarely check my email because it screws up my computer, so i'll answer to a youtube PM more than an email. i'm at ewiki more. my friend from made it, and i like the idea of being a sysop and doing whatever the hell i want. i got bureaucracy, too. i have the same power as him, but usually if he tries to revert something i did, i'll respect that it's his wiki and let him take over a page, unless i made it. the site is [1] and i have the same name there as here. also, i like my username, so i use this name for everything. at least now. and my email might change to eventually. well, probably see you on ewiki or youtube.

thanks a lot!