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Uh, I kinda get bored with life, so I decide to come on here and revert vandalism. Umm... I'm pretty much a noob, but that's okay. Sometimes I revert things that aren't vandalism, so unless I'm super sure, I not only try to leave in error on my part with "Possible vandalism," but I also try to provide other reasons for reverting pages. I normally go after IP users, I find it can be more common for a person without an account on Wikipedia to vandalize the articles. I also look for articles that have suspicious edit summaries and articles that are obvious targets, such as celebrity pages, school pages, and recent event pages. I mostly do my reverting on mobile, which is definitely more difficult than a computer, but I find that I can access the pages easily using the desktop version on my iPhone. Sometimes, when vandals continually blank sections or pages consistently without being banned, I leave a message on their page asking them to refrain from blanking articles. I guess one of the things that drives me to revert vandalism is that I see it as a bit of a competition with the other Wiki protectors, especially the bots, *cough* ClueBot *cough*. When a user beats me to the vandalism, I usually try to thank them.

This might get deleted, as I said before, I am pretty noobish. ^-^