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Topics for Spring 2008 Intro Course Full list of exact topics will depend on student interests. Initially, I offer particular Wikipedia projects, and offer an open range of other Wikipedia, YouTube, and Flickr projects. Student proposals and will be posted on the User:Htw3/Spring 2008 Project Page. An alphabetical list of contributors log-ins is listed on User:Htw3/Spring 2008 Contributors Page. A group of students are working on a new page that documents sociological themes in Rainbows End. The team is especially interested in documenting examples of ways that society changes in unexpected ways due to technological change. A draft of that project is started on this page: User:Htw3/Sociology of the future in Rainbows End


Methods Topics for Winter 2008[edit]

Groups working research projects for Winter 2008.

Purple Parrots[edit]

  • Contact = MK user:gators3459 Our team added information under each subsection as needed. Contributions were made randomly as needed to complete the entire page. Specifically I added to the historical section, IRB, human research, and the new directions section.
  • Writing = ND user:nosu15 I think I forgot to log in once, maybe twice at the most. I specifically added to the ethical concerns, principles and IRB facets to the page. I also contributed to the new directions section and overlooked the writing quality of the page.
  • Research = AD User:amd5060 I think I only logged in with my user name once or twice, but I promise I worked on the Wiki page much more. I defined ethics, wrote the brief outline, contributed to the Historical Development and Human Subject Research sections and wrote the Ethical Concerns section.

Topic Ethical research in social science (I think this topic will be great)

I made a resource page for your team that you can use to organize materials and draft an outline of your page. I moved the link to the page on research ethics there.

Temple Guards[edit]

Contact: MH User:Mh278006

Mike Harper: As Wiki manager, I helped write the introduction for our page along with Michael. Other parts of the page I wrote were the "data sources in criminological research" page and the "measurement challenges in criminology" page. Also, I contributed multiple sources to the annotated bibliography and added my references. I also proofread each of the sections for the page. I believe I was logged in for most of the work, but I can recall a couple of instances where after I had already made the edit I realized I was not logged in.

Writing: EJ User:esj2070 For the Wikipedia project, I wrote the section on descriptive analysis and comparison. For this section I used two chapters from a book that was used in other sections in the project. I wrote the New Directions section using an e-mail we recieved. From the e-mail, I took important concepts and explained their importance using definitions of specific terms. I helped proofread the project aswell. The contributions I made while not logged in were minor, simply grammar and spelling corrections on my sections.

Research: User:Mrw12 For the Wikipedia project I contributed to the Introduction of the topic. I also created the history and development section for the topic. Finally I created the Testing Causation section with the sub-sections of social relationships related to crime and how neighborhood attributes affect crime. I also added all sources and references used to the annotated bibliography and proofread my completed sections as well as my groups. I think I only forgot to log in a couple times, but I don’t think the edits I made were very crucial during those times, mostly just proofreading.

I made a resource page for your team that you can use to organize materials and draft an outline of your page.


Quantitative methods in criminology

Orange Iguanas[edit]

Contact: User: Treeeesa
Theresa Richardson: I wrote the section on past experiments as well as added the small subsection about challenges under ethics involving privacy. I was not always signed in under my user name so it probably wont show everything I edited. However, I was signed in for a good chunk of it so you can see quite a bit of what I did. Most of the large chunks of writing we all did separately, and tried to help out in other sections when necessary.

Writing: User: orangeiguanas
Alexandra Martin: Our group broke up the project into assigned sections. I was only signed in to my user name for one day, but I made many changes to my sections. I wrote the "Historical Development, Overview of Topic" section, and "Types of Experiments" section.

Research: User: Sjuhn
Samantha Juhn: I wrote the section on ethics, the IRB, and current research. I was not always signed in under my user name so it probably wont show everything I edited. Come to think of it, I think I only signed in once. In the beginning, we worked closely as a group to develop the outline of our page, then towards the end, we took on separate roles, and flushed out the individual sections on our own time.

I made a resource page for your team that you can use to organize materials and draft an outline of your page.

Topics: Social Experiments (Experimental Methods in Sociology and Criminology), Ethnography, Historical Social Science Methods

I think an article on experimental methods would be great. Perhaps the proper title is:

Experimental methodology in social sciences (where social sciences is more general than soc and crim, including also political science, social psychology and communication, etc. but not including behavioral sciences like psychology)

Green Monkeys[edit]

Contact: User: Willmorris351503
Will: i contributed to the historical Development section, as well as wrote the Analysis section Writer: User: Kaleighhh
Kaleigh Frazier: I wrote the sources section of the article as well as the current and new research section. I also worked on correctly citing some of the sources.
Research: User: Stephmolnar I worte the section on database management and then edited that section.

I made a resource page for your team that you can use to organize materials and draft an outline of your page.

Topic: Computational Social Science

Status Related Wikipages[edit]

Achieved status . . Talk:Achieved status . . .History[edit]

  • Film Project Achieved Status 101 Director's Cut
    • User:Righty007. . . . Major edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • On Wikipedia, I added many of the section headings outlined by User:Suzelu22 and then added content I found to them. Later, I made additions/alterations based on suggestions left on the discussion page by Dr. Welser and a Wikipedia editor which led to the creation of a few new sections. I also added the Bibliography and Further Reading sections. As video manger, I came up with the idea for our video. I also directed, filmed and edited the video as well as co-wrote the script. During the whole process, I assisted in keeping everybody on the same page via e-mail and with coordinating meetings at the library.
    • User:Blair983 Major edits: 1,2,3 see link example above.
      • On Wikipedia, I added the whole income section on Income under the Cultural Capital heading. Our group met at the library I believe three separate times and one person logged onto Wikipedia and we worked off that one from the different topics we assigned to each other. I also added a source to our Wikipedia page. The source is an article I found from Eileen McDonagh while I was browsing through Google Scholar researching our topic. For the video I played the role of the comedic quite ridiculous character of Lysol. Overall I thought our group worked really well together and was done with our assignments with substantial amount of time left and I felt we were always ahead of the majority of the groups.
    • User:Suzelu22 Major edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • On wikipedia, I put most of my effort into the outline (pre-posting to wikipedia) and figuring out what topics should be included. I also spent a lot of time searching for related articles, and found that the cultural capital information added a lot of helpful substance to the article. For our video, I wrote the interviewer questions. I also was our group’s contact person and therefore sent lots of e-mails within our group, and to submit our work to Dr. Welser.
    • User:Misstayloranne Major edits: [[1]], [[2]], [[3]]
      • On wikipedia, I made sure I got all the imformation I was assigned to in addition to looking for more. I went to various libraries in search for more information to add to our topic. Some of my information that I researched for (minorties) was added by a different person and therefore I had to look for more imformation. I kept in constant contact with my group. I answered the questions for my interview on YouTube. I also added sources to our page
    • User:Adrian Alexis Major edits: [1],[2],[3]
      • I stayed in contact with my group and found information on feudalism and how it is involved in achieved status. I also found a source for the group and created the responses for my charater for our YouTube video.

Ascribed status[edit]

  • I did everything

status attainment, talk:status attainment[edit]

  • see comments on your article discussion page.
    • User:rw649306 Major Edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • I kept the group organized. I called meetings and kept the group in communication with one another. I set up the topic's page and provided many stylistic and wikifing revisions. One of my main contributions to the page was the editing of the article as well as keeping it in the proper Wikipedia format. As video manager, I came up with the main idea for the video. I also did all of the filming, editing, and posting to youtube. I was the contact.
    • User:mc200007 Major Edits:[1]

[2] [3] My role in this project was to gain research. We all worked together on the wikipedia page as well as the YouTube video. On the wikipedia article we each focused on a different part. My part was the occupatinal status section and so I should be credited for that part of the article but I could not find a way to do so.

    • User:gallagherj Major Edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • As Wiki Manager, I helped my team members with the wiki page and researched our topic. I also contributed to our Wikipedia article and made an appearance on the youtube video. Our group worked well together, everyone attended the meetings and everyone put forth an even amount of effort.
    • User:dm240507 Major Edits: [[4]], [[5]], [[6]]

My role in the project was the velvet hammer. I didn't really have to put much effort into that because everybody in our group worked well together and were always cooperative. I also wrote the introduction to our page and added a source to beef up our current research section. I participated in every meeting we had, including filming the video, and I always asked if anybody needed anything so that I could help out.

[[8]] [[9]] [[10]] [[11]] [[12]]

      • I did research on our wikipedia project, the part I did was socialization and allocation. I helped with the movie and was the main character in the movie.

Status inconsistency Talk:Status inconsistency[edit]

  • Film Project Status Inconsistency
    • User:cv235106 I made a long opening paragraph in the very begining, but it must have been erased. I made a few hyper-links on our wiki-page. I went to the group meetings and helped out on making the video.
    • User:js335106. Major Edits. [[13]], [[14]], [[15]], [[16]]
      • As the Velvet Hammer for the group I helped organize groups meetings and assign topics for group members to elaborate on. For our wiki page I typed our outline up so each member could fill their part in at their leisure, I personally wrote the paragraph about Lenski's Theory. After everyone had added their paragraphs onto our wiki page I went through and proof read each paragraph, making changes accordingly. Also, after reading the notes on the talk page I redid the reference section so it would be in the correct formate, and I also edited several section titles. As far as the youtube video is concerned, I videotaped the movie clips we used and spent 9 hours at the library using imovie to edit a presentation around 2 minutes long. I added a song into the background, shortened and cropped the movie film, added in transitions and slides of text, as well as incorportating our topic into text that was scrolled over the movie slides. Once the movie was complete I exported and uploaded it onto youtube.
    • User:DaniRenee_88. Major Edits. [[17]], [[18]], [[19]], [[20]], [[21]]
      • As the Contact Person and taking over the Wiki Content for the group I really worked on the organization of our entire group over the entire quarter and made sure there were edits always being made on Wikipedia. I e-mailed you all of our information when assigned to. I made the first draft of our outline and then gave a copy to all members and let them add what they wanted and then wrote a final draft to hand into you.First off I found all the references that were used for our group. I personally wrote Weber's Demensions of Stratification and the Four Principles of Status Inconsistency. I also helped with the the General Description and Theory and Development. Then Jenn and I meet and went over the talk page and assigned different parts to each other to help organize and fix any other details that we found. Lastly, I did a revision over the page and made any type of small changes that I found and thought would be neccesssary. As for the video, I meet with Jenn in the library 2 days a week to help make all of our edits on the video, I made all of the text for us to add in, and helped with the snapshots and cutting parts out of the films. Jenn and I worked very well together. We were always on top of things and madesure that everything that needed to be done was done. We always divided up the work and helped each other out and I think we did a pretty good job! =)
    • User:Kodman89

Social Mobility [talk page:social mobility][edit]

    • User:juicums 1 2\
      • I spent most of the time researching the various aspects and contributions to social mobility. My contributions were made to the rules of status, structural and exchange, upward and downward, class cultures, and current research sections. I made a minor edit to different mobility regimes but it didn't show up in the history page. I also included a link to our youtube video.

[youtube video]

I Made edits to the page dealing with my specific topic of Social Mobility. Once I figured out how to di it, I added in some things I found in the book concerning the topic on Upward, and Downward mobility and also achieved and ascribed status. Concerning the video I was the velvet hammer but everyone in the group did a good job of doing things so I helped create the idea for the video and planned it out, this includes picking out the clips and music as well as which clips go with which example.

social status Talk:social status[edit]

    • User:Michelson8007
      • As the Wiki content maganger and velvet hammer I helped our group significantly. I made sure our group was getting things done on time and we were prepared everyday heading into class. I also looked at our wikipage periodically to make sure everyone was posting their assigned postings. On our wikpage I added the definitions for Achieved, Ascribed, and Economic status. Overall I think our group did an xcellent job on this project!
    • User:Xthinblueline86. As a member of this group I did my part by staying in contact with group members of my group. I also researched and wrote the part of our wiki page on how your social status affects your network and I was cast in our groups youtube video. However, most of my major edits were not done under my name they were done under the other group members because we meet in the library and it was easier then switching accounts all the time. I only made a few minor edits while using my user name.
    • User:BishopMDot. Major edits. [[22]], [[23]], [[24]], [[25]].
      • I was the video manager and my primary job was the production and directing of the video. I was also one of characters in the video along with doing the editing and posting of the video. I also was involved in the wikipedia page by adding a section about Social Mobility. I also did some format edits and added sources.
    • User:jsoccer9. Major edits. [1], [2], [3].
      • As the group contact person, I replied to all emails sent by Dr. Welser for my group. I kept the group organized and put together the outline after my group sent me their part of the research. I made sure a printed copy of the outline was brought to class. As a group, we set up times, and met at the library to make sure we were on the same page. As for our Wiki Page, I added the headline: Social Stratification, along with all the information. I also added information to Social Mobility and Social Status. I sent out emails making sure everyone added their information, and printed out a copy of our Wiki Page to turn in. As for the video, I met with my group on the assigned day and did my part in the movie.
    • User:amanda_t224. Major edits. [[26]], [[27]], [[28]].
      • I was in charge of the wikipedia page and I helped our group find information for the page. We all did research for our own section on the page, and we met a few times at the library to talk about what we had found and to organize our page. I created the section on Max Weber and and Three P's of Stratification. I was in the video and helped film on the day we filmed the video.

Meso Level Analysis and Macro Theories[edit]

Conflict theory Talk:Conflict theory History page here[edit]

    • User:JenL123 i researched info on karl marx and helped create our outline. i also added information on wiki about karl marx and how the conflict theory is incorporated in today's society. for the youtube project our group got together and filmed alot, but we could not use our film in our project due to technical problems. but then we got together again and finished our youtube project.
    • User:Basicallyweresweet Major Edits: [[29]] [[30]]
      • I added information on conflict theorists, a little bit to the introduction and added a reference book.
    • User:Owhenthepawno [[31]], [[32]]
      • I added information to the introduction of conflict theory, added a few links that were needed to direct people to different pages, as well as helped my group members find information on the different topics in Conflict Theory.
    • User:Mattplumb2 Major Edits: [[33]] [[34]] [[35]] [[36]]
      • I added the information that is at the end of the article on Basic Conflicts and Modes of Conflicts, and I also did all of the edits that were asked of us to do on our user talk page. I also helped find information in the books that not only you gave us but our textbook, and also online. I also edited and wrote on the user talk page about how we were editing this page for a school project so no one would delete anything.

Ethnic enclave History page here[edit]

    • User:Mattlw12 [1] [2] [3]
      • I contributed a summary of the intro to our report on the purpose of ethnic enclaves. I also posted a link to our groups youtube video on the wikipage.
    • User:Kailey302...Major Edits[[37]] [[38]] [[39]]


      • I contributed to the introduction portion of the page and added general information about ethnic enclaves. I added a history section in the beginning of the quarter but that was edited to be incorporated into the article. Also I added to the "About" section and fixed all of the reference and linking material into the correct format in all of the sections. I also made contributions to the "Religion" and "Economy" sections of the page. I added the whole section about the "Enclave Economic Theory." I split up the bulk of my edits into two different sections because I did most of my edits in a row and no one changed anything after I made them.
    • User:Go160606
      • I added the entire Religion section of the page and also added a reference book.

Ethnic Succession Talk:Ethnic succession theory History[edit]

  • Film Project Ethnic Succession
    • User:Mc101507 . . . . Major Edits: 1,2,3
      • Being the group velvet hammer, I replied to all emails sent by Dr. Welser for Team Morgan. I also made sure a printed copy of the outline was brought to class every time it was asked of us. Being somewhat of the team leader, I organized times so we could meet at the library regarding our progress with our project. During this time, we made sure we were all doing our edits and we would help each other if we were having problems. Another thing that was helpful was that I never missed a class so my group could always see me then. I set up our Wikipedia page by first creating a new page, because there was no page before and I made the section titles. I created the introduction to the page, the definition of Ethnic succession theory, White flight, and the revision of historical examples, Los Angeles, St. Louis and Chicago. We decided as a group to split up the different sections of the wiki page. At the top of our section is my contribution. As for the video, I have an Apple so I had a program that made our video. I was eager to start to I decided to take on this job also. I created a plot and developed a plan on how we were going to do our video. Our group agreed on my idea so they helped me find pictures and I created the video.
    • User:TravisS1227. . . . Major Edits: 1, 2, 3
      • Much of my contribution to the project was in terms of the Wikipedia page. I created the Explanations section to the page, and did a lot of formatting to the rest of the group members' edits. I was the grammar whore of the group too and touched up a lot of wordings. I also researched atricles, particularly current research, once Dr. Welser gave us some good examples. I contributed a lot to the current research part of the article and added minor edits to the White Flight and LA sections, as well as reworking the definition. Also, I wrote and tagged the talk page so that Wiki users would be patient with us and give us time to build our article. In terms of the video, I recommended the use of iMovie and I have a PC so I was more of a picture gatherer and brainstormer. In the event that Morgan was out of town or busy I took an active role in meeting planning and delegating as well.
    • User:Me266206. . . . Major Edits: 1, 2, 3
      • I contributed a lot to the organization of the Wikipedia page. I wrote the original outline with the input of the rest of the group. I also typed it and sent it to everyone in the group. I helped with the ideas and organization of the video. I also wrote the historical examples section of the wikipedia page with information about Los Angeles, Chicago, and St. Louis. I sited all of my sources as well.
    • --Mm2207 (talk) 23:51, 21 November 2007 (UTC)...Major Edits: 1, 2
    • I contributed by writing these two sections after doing research on them, but i split the second section in to two edits. I also contributed to the ideas and photos for the video, and the sturcture of the wikipedia page.

sociology of culture...Talk:sociology of culture History page here[edit]

See comments on your article discussion page.

  • Film Project Sociology of Culture
    • User:Ab263007.Major Edits:[1], [2]
      • I contributed to the current research part of the article. I also contributed by providing my resources on where I got my information.
    • User:Fire_byrd89
    • User:Js386006...Major Edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • For our wikipedia page, I went to Dr. Welser for suggestions and after we had our outline set, I researched the Development of Sociology in Culture with the early researchers as well. I also researched the Anthropology section and made the contributions to that section. I provided some of the references and tried to clean it up. For the video, with the help of Dr. Welser and his input I then came up with the idea of how to film the video, filmed all of the footage as well as edited the whole video, I also uploaded the video to youtube. For my part in the group, I was the one who tried to make sure people did what they had to and I also turned into the contact person for the group as well and organized the meetings we had.
    • User:mg342706
      • I added the "Theoretical Constructs in Bourdieu's Sociology of Culture" section of the wikipedia page, which included doing research on Bourdieu's theory and the general cultural sociology topic. I also added minor stylistic edits. In addition, I added to the resources section of the article.

sociology of deviance History page here[edit]

see comments on your article discussion page

    • User:mas614 Major Edits: [[41]],[[42]],[[43]]
        • I contributed to the Wkii page by adding the section called Biological Theory. I also added some references and a picture of smoking in a non-smoking area to show an example of deviance. I was the video manager for the youtube project.I developed the idea for our vdieo and collected a lot of the pictures for our video. Once i had enough pictures frm everyone i put the entire video together. I also helped oragnize meeting times for our group to talk about the video a commuincated our progress via email.
    • User:sw342906 Major Edits: [[44]],[[45]],[[46]]
        • I contributed to the you tube project by gathering pictures, and making major edits to the wiki page. I also brought in all of the outlines and printups of the wiki page into class on the days that we needed them.
    • User:bap5888 Major Edits: [[47]], [[48]], [[49]], [[50]], [[51]]
        • In addition to the major edits included above, I provided as the wiki manager/writer and the contact person. I put together the entire outline for our original edit to the page. For our YouTube video, I gathered pictures. For the wiki page, I wrote an introduction, cleaned up the page to make sure it all looked the same, and clarified different sections of the page, mostly the differential association section.
    • User:ChrisB19 Major Edits: [[52]], [[53]], [[54]], [[55]]
        • contribted to the YouTube video by gathering pictures. Also making major edits to the wikipedia page mainly on crime and control theory. I attended all of our group meetings and gave suggestions and ideas for our video.

Network society Talk:Network society History page here[edit]

    • User:Nphilpott Major edits [1], [2], [3], [All Contributions]
      • For the WikiProject, I researched Manuel Castells and his theories on the Network Society. After reorganizing the article from what it was before, I made slight changes to Castells' section and made general grammatical corrections and copyedited most of the article. I also added the distinction on the Talk page that the article was being edited as part of a scholastic project. For the YouTube project, I helped film and acted. The whole group came up with the scene ideas and themes, and DJ's roommate helped us edit the video.
    • User:Christin32689 Major edits [1], [2], [3], [All Contributions]
      • For the Wikipedia project I mainly did research on Mathew Wall Smith's Contributions to ideas on network society and added a section on the network society page for Mathew Wall Smith. I came up with most of the content on this section. I also contributed some research to Barry Wellman and his ideas on the topic. I added some more information to the pre-existing section for Barry Wellman on the page. For the youtube video I acted in the film and helped with taping. As a group we collectively came up with themes and ideas for the video.
    • User:DerekHasselbusch Major edits [1] [2], [3], [All Contributions]
      • For the Wikipedia project, I researched information on Jan Van Dijk and his definition of a network society. I also wrote and added a summary on his book “The Network Society.” As video manager, I arranged the times and places for our group to meet, filmed most of the video, and with the help of my roommate, I edited the video on his computer. We as a group created ideas for the video.
    • User:Bur57 Major edits [1], [2], [3], [All Contributions]

I was the wiki manager in our group. my job was to make a introduction and make general edits to our page. I provided information on a couple of the topics on our page and helped edit other entries. In the youtube video, i provided the voice over and was in a couple scenes.

Ġ====Theory of religious economy History page here ==== .......... see comments on your article discussion page.

I helped make the outline of what our entire page would be about and then divided it into sections that each person would work on. I also called and organized the meetings at the library and other places for both the wikipedia project and the youtube project. I made three large edits because I typed out everything I wanted to say in Word Document first so I would make sure there would be no spelling errors. I provided the location for the video and helped edit the video. Our group worked very well together and everything done was a collaborative effort. I would like to note that we only had three people in our group because two dropped out and yet I feel we still did a great job.

[2], [3]
I made major contributions to the Wikipedia page, paying close attention to details like spelling, grammar, and proper Wikipedia formatting. I also wrote the introduction for the page. I did extensive, although not exhaustive research at the library, trying to make my contributions to the page correct, thoughtful, thorough, and in my own words. I took initiative to send out emails and decide meeting times and locations. I wrote the script for the Youtube video and acted (poorly) in it, and pushed for making the improvements to the audio on the video. I also feel that we did a great job, despite being shorthanded.

Through out this project, each member of our group contributed. We would all meet and to discus our project and how we each could better the project. My other two group members did take control of the project, but I do think I did my part in contributing. I was the video manager, and edited the video with the help of my group. I added the secularization and how believers are influenced to our page, as well as adding and editing different sections of the page. With only three people in our group, I think we have done an exceptional job on these projects, and we all did our share and worked as a team to complete the tasks at hand.

social order Talk:social order History Page[edit]

  • Film Project: Social Order is Super
    • User:Mea425 Major edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • I made a basic outline for the Wikipedia page and wrote the content for the sections on status groups, groups and networks, and power and authority. I also helped to organize meetings at the library and sent emails to my group regarding our progress with the project. I found a few of the clips for the video and helped to write the script that went along with them.
    • User:RyanODon major edits: [1] [2] [3]
    • I wrote the sections on principle of visability and spontaneous. Also I spell checked the article and made changes to sentences that did not make complete sense. For the video, I helped pick the clips and helped creater the outline. In addition, I helped put the video together and provided the voice overs. And as the contact I replied to your emails and sent information to you.
    • User:ZidanesHead Major Edits: [1] [2]
      • I wrote the section on the Principle of Visibility and helped with beginning research both independently and as a group at the library. I also helped research and put together topics and ideas for the video.
    • User:Emili11988Major edits:[1][2][3]
      • I wrote the sections on Social Honor and Attainment of Social Order. I also helped with the section on Values and Norms. As far as the video goes I helped put together all the clips and slides and do some of the recording for the voiceover on the video.
    • User:kk180306 Major edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • I wrote the content for the section on principle of dependence, and also helped to edit the sections on Status Groups and Social Order and the Attainment of Social Order on Heterogeneous Societies on the Wikipedia page. I also found a few of the clips for the video and helped to write the script.

Micro Interaction Theories and Concepts[edit]

Deference and Demeanor History page here[edit]

My role in the group was the velvet hammer. The video was very much a group project. We all had contributions. As for wiki, I did a few grammar edits and i added a major portion to the demeanor section and i added a similar portion to the deference section.

I edited typos and made some changs in formatting. I added a paragraph on deference, and I helped write our first hand written outline.

    • User:Sibs4 I set up the basic outline and most paragraphs for the article. Brittni and I had set down the groundwork and laid all of it out.

Identity control theory Talk:Identity control theory [History][edit]

    • YouTube video Blue Barracudas
    • User:Chrissyg88 Major edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • I set up our Wikipedia page by first making it because there was no page before and I made the section titles. I wrote the section on identity control theory components. I also tried to go through the article to look for spelling and gramatical errors. In the youtube video I helped with the idea, layout, and helped film. I also participated in being in the video. Finally I made the link for our YouTube video.
    • User:Cooka2011 Major edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • I created the introduction to the page, the definition of Identity Control Theory. I also went through and tried to find and fix grammatical and spelling errors that sometimes occured in our wikipedia article. I also was the groups velvet hammer, so I tried to keep the group together and updated on changes that were happening. Also, I added the section about Peter Burke. I also contributed to ideas that were expressed in our youtube videos. I also contributed to the acting done in the youtube video.
    • User:Srd524 Major edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • I wrote the entire sections on identity control theory and emotions, new research, and identity control theory in relation to other sociological ideas. I also made some smaller edits to the introduction portion of our page. With the video, I helped with the idea and filming. I also edited the video as well as was in it. I posted the video to YouTube as well.
    • User:babyzeke10 Major edits: [1], [2], [3]
      • I wrote the entire section on coping responses. I also tried to go through the whole article to fix spelling and gramatical errors. In the YouTube video I contributed some ideas about the layout and the content, and I performed in the video and helped film it. I also created the link to the history page.

Modernization_theory Talk:Modernization theory [History][edit]

[[66]] [[67]] [[68]]

  • I came up with the group name "The modernites". I was also the contact person. I was responsible for our group getting extra points by being one of the first in sending our groups user pages and contact information in the correct format. For the wiki article I researched many articles on google scholar. I also read through many books on the subject but mainly used 3 for the writings. I contributed to the section on Globalization & modernization, wrote the section on negative aspects of globalization, and also did the section on the implementation of new technology in other nations. My task for the utube was to act in the group skit and also to do an interview with students from other countries about how modern technology has impacted their nation. I interviwed students from Kenya & Sudan. They talked about the positive & negative aspects of new technology in their countries. I filmed & edited this section but unfortunately it could not be used due to technical issues.
    • User:mikemo007. . . . Major Edits: [1],[2],[3]
      • My role in this project was organizing our page and making it look substantial and impressive. I also was the wiki manager and kept progress steadily and up to date. I added pictures, gave credit to all people i got my information from, wrote about technology and womens role in the modernization theory, as well as the contributions of early modernization theorists. I read through the article daily and made corrections, also helped my group members out with all the coding and how to edit different things. I watched the news and asked a variety of people about there views on modernization and how they thought the world today was improving. This helped in some of my research and data. I also kept in constant contact with my group members and set up/showed up to all the assigned group meetings. In give much credit to Cynthia for our YouTube video for her creative idea and choreographing. My part in the video was to define modernization and give examples of how easy it is to do things in this modernized society.
    • User:Cynnie5

1. [[69]] 2. [[70]] 3. [[ 4. [[71]]

Norms History page here[edit]

    • User:M0rganmay16 ... Major Edits [1], [2], [3]
      • After discussing possible areas of focus with Dr. Welser, I added more headlines to what already existed on the social norms page; I created the passages on the content of normative rules, how they are formed, and how they are enforced/distributed (Focus on the Actions of the Ego/Focus on Ego’s Reactions to Actions of Alter/Negotiations Between Ego and Alter/Enforcement and Distribution of Norms). After doing so, I made citation edits and reorganized sections as suggested by a Wikipedia editor. I also added more resources to the Further Reading and Reference sections, and created an outline for the rest of the group to follow when they made their own edits to the page. I made sure every outline that was due in class was completed and turned in promptly and helped to organize meetings at the library to ensure group members were on the same page. In regards to our group's YouTube video, I monitored content, co-wrote the script, acted as the narrator, and found locations for us to film the video.
    • User:ARmandaLO
      • I used recourses such as chapter 7 of Rodney Stark’s, Sociology, and , along with some idea’s from the book my team mates dug up in the library, to write up an outline stating the different types of norms and why these norms are essential in order for people to have social interactions at all. The headings of my major edits are: What makes people conform to norms?, Structural Equivalence, Selection. I'm still in the process of adding more links and edits. As for the youtube video, I made many suggestions on what should be added and content to make our video really stand out. I did my best as a contact to schedule meetings that worked for all of us to get the ball rolling.
    • User:ms144506
      • I undertook the infomation gathering process for the group initially. I hunted down books in the libary and talked to Dr. Welser for any books he could lend us to help. That conversation and the book Dr. Welser gave our group was the crucial element to develop our page pass what was already there. I stupidly left most of the typing up the material to Morgan. i believe the services i supplied to the group can only remotely been seen through examination of the wiki history page. the first major edit i did was logged as a different user becuase i didnt log in. that user was For the Youtube video i was director and the muse of the project. The Idea for the intervention was mine and i conducted the taping of the halloween clips. Morgan Wrote out the script with guidelines set by me to have a brief overview of social norms, a transition into the intervention scene and the last part "don't be that kid" was from my own noggin. The last scene of us in the elevator was a group decision and we put it in to win some brownie points with Dr. Welser. Farting in an elavator... classic.
      • YouTube video URL

The Halloween Clips black out for the last 20 seconds of the halloween part of the video. i've tryed to downsize the video and resubmit it. no dices.

Role Talk:Role History[edit]

  • Film Project Role With It
    • User:Vikingsilver...Major edits [1], [2], [3]
      • My wikipedia role was originally the beginning sections on definition of role, ascribed vs. achieved status, and social norms. I used a number of sources to fulfill my duties (which are listed under the references section) and added sections on role influence and social norms theory that I thought should be included. I came up with many original examples to illustrate the ideas and also contributed to other sociological term's wiki pages when I found that we coallated more information than what was found on the stub. Brittany definately produced the video. We asked if there was anything we could do, but she took it all on her own shoulders.
    • User:Aharddayswrite...Major edits [1], [2], [3]
      • On Wikipedia, I contributed the entire section on Role Theory (Functional Role Theory, Symbolic Interactionist Role Theory, Structural Role Theory, Organizational Role Theory, Cognitive Role Theory, and Key Concepts & Research) and my sources on that topic. For the video, I came up with the idea and produced the entire project. I assisted my other group members in maintaining on task and keeping in contact for the project.
    • User:PhoenixWing...Major edits [1], [2], [3]
      • My role in the page was Gender Roles and Stereotypes. My sections are entirely designed from scratch and I used not only the textbook but also a few sources that I own at home. I had planned to use more historical texts, but decided against it at the last second. For the video, I provided feedback and sources, but I know next to nothing about the band Oasis, which we used for our video. It's true, Brittany was the brains behind our video. As a whole, I pushed the team forward and provided aid to the others in the group.

Social action Talk:Social action History[edit]


      • I added the Micro and Macro theory's of Economic order, which is dealing with the current research of Nicole Biggart and Thomas Beamish. I also did research and constructed the original outline for our topic. For the youtube video i collected content for affectional action part of the presentation.
    • User:Mlj88 Major Edits....[1] [2]
      • I added the section about religion and the references for it.I found the definitions for Habit, Customs, and Emotional tention and the references.As the contact of the group, I distibuted everyone's information sothat we could contact eachother at any time. I also took time to meet with the professor to find out what the specific roles required us to do.
    • User:Teja Major Edits [1] [2] [3]
      • As far as the actual article page goes, I added information about social actions and impact on social outcomes. Also, I contributed to the idea of roles within a society. Since the page was really disorganized, I decided to add the sections within the page and add headings as well as organize the references. Also, I contributed to the page by fixing some minor grammatical errors within the page. Within the film part of the project, being the video manager, I contributed to setting up the video. I decided that iMovie would be best to work with, since I was most familiar with it. I also contributed in writing the script of the movie and would hand it over to our respective members who were the narrators. And finally, I uploaded it to Youtube.

I entered all of the initial information and created the outline found on the wiki page by correctly organizing the information that my team mates gave. I was the wiki manager. I did the definition and introduction of social action. I added to instrumental action, and emotional reaction. I revised the original outline created by Ross. I corrected many of the grammatical errors found on the page. I organized many of the references and put them in the proper format for Wikipedia. I set deadlines for all of the information to be turned in to me so that I could put it on the page. I revised information that was not complete before I put it on the page. I did most of the voice- overs for iMovie and met with Video manager for a total of 5.5 hours until it was completed. I also helped gather information for the video. I contributed to writing a substantial amount of the script for the instrumental action part of the iMovie. I came to the library early on two occasions to make sure that we got a Mac and I also rented two microphones from the library. I spoke with the professor after class in order to gain clarity on any misunderstood information.

social balance theory History page here[edit]

I was the contact for the group. I met with Dr. Welser to come up with the foundation for the outline. I made sure that the sections were assigned to different people. Our page only had a few sentences on it. I expanded on them to make it more complete. I found the articles that were used for the shaping of the page.

I gave details and notes on transitivity, which is one section that makes up social balance theory as a whole. Also, I made grammatical edits to the user page and gave ideas of how to better our video.

    • Melferg89 ??
    • kh384307

I mostly worked on the video. After our group meetings I took all of our ideas and put them into the video and uploaded it to youtube.

Stigma (Sociological Theory)...Talk: Stigma...History[edit]

See comments on your article talk page

    • User:duhitsjenna48 [1], [2], [3]. I was the contact person and I also did research. I wrote the part on the Six Dimensions of Stigma and the third paragraph in the beginning, I just wasn't the one who posted them. I went through our page and did minor edits like formatting, highlighting, and citing. I also handed in the outlines on time. For the Youtube I helped write out the script.
    • User:Zsmall3687 [1],[2]. My main concern in the group was trying to handle technical aspects of the wiki and the video. Most of what I did was the video itself. I wrote the script and made the narration and put it all together but everyone played a role in the creation of the script and making up the content. For the wiki I could be considered more as the editor making small changes to what would be written, grammar checks, that sort of thing. For my included links I placed Jenna's six dimensions of Stigma on the page and reworded some of her into and found a good place to put it into the wiki. Originally we had planned to have me place everyones articles online for them but after we realized that making due dates for article entries was too structured and we wouldn't be able to have one central person put all the edits on without adhereing to deadlines we opted to allow everyone to place their own edits on the wiki. My major contributions to the wiki came outside of the wiki itself, i.e. helping people with current research ideas, editing the grammar for some peoples rough drafts. The video is pretty obvious. It's on my acount for youtube and I put it up so that's about it.
    • User:Cg202206 [1],2] I completed the research portion of our wikipedia page and assisted in writing the script for the youtube clip. Furthermore, i attended all group "meetings," corrected our original outline (wrote introduction, re-organized content), and made recommended revisions to my edits.-There were only two major edits recorded, so i just tagged those two, numerous other minor edits were made throughout the quarter.
    • User:tacobob07 [1] [2] [3] I did current research on how stigma affects self-esteem with people who are over weight and of different race. I also listed three online sources and went through the page and checked for minor edits that were needed.
    • User:lmorris1130 I did current research dealing with the psychological effects. I also made sure to keep in contact with all the members of the group, to see if everything was going smoothly. I also made minor edits to my portion of the article.

Some Methods Related Topics[edit]

Social_simulation Talk:Social_simulation[edit]

    • User:Akcourtney I was in charge of current research for the social simulation page, I made many additions to this section alone and when it was asked of us to add current research from a well known sociologist i found two relevant studies on agent based modeling because it was most relevant to our social society. As a whole the entire group edited the introduction and came up with the preceding sections. Before we added an outline to wikipedia, we also wrote out our outline on paper, so each of us had no doubt about what would be added to our page and what each of our jobs were. We all added refrences that we used throughout the project.
    • User:Kr142305 [1] [2] [3] I was in charge of the System level simulation section of the page. I also referenced all of the sources that I used and put them in the resources page. My assigned job for the group was the velvet hammer, I made sure that everything got done that needed to be done for the page. I made a few changes to different sections of the page, making sure links were going to the proper pages, etc. We all edited the introduction and researched the four types of social simulation. We also made a paper and pen outline of our page before going in and editing the page. One problem that I encountered was that I failed to sign in when I made some of my edits. Therefore they are shown on the page as a random number and not under my name.
    • User: TS0905 [1][2] [3] I was in charge of researching and writing about agent based modeling, one type of social simulation. I also updated the reference section with the sources I used in researching my topic. In addition, I created a link under the section for agent based modeling. This link takes you to another page on wikipedia that goes into more depth about agent based modeling. Along the way, I made a few minor changes to the page as a whole. Finally, as a group, we all edited the introduction to social simulation and listed the four different types of it along with creating headings for each section for the four types of social simulation.
    • User:Stover281606

[1] [2] [3] Upon dividing the page into sections, I was given the task of researching system-based modeling (including what a model was as a whole) and the criticisms of social simulation as it pertains to the study of sociology. Like Kelsey, I-- too-- forgot to sign in for two edits; however, I noticed shortly after and logged in to make the changes. While I did the majority of my edits at one time rather than spaced apart, I have linked them above (two of them are from my IP address at the time instead of my username.)

[2] [3] I was in charge of researching agent based simulation, a type of social simulation. Once we divided our task I researched my topic and found websites and articles to pull information from. Once I found research on my topic I posted it on our wikipedia page. For our presentation to the class for what we had found so far on our topic I presented my findings and explained what else I needed to research on my topic. After this our group received a dead line for the project so I researched as much as I could before the dead line to finish off my topic. Once I did I e-mailed my group to notify them that my section was ready.


    • User: Cheritak. . . . Major edits: [1], [2], [3], [4]Due to sickness, personal issues and other stumbles along the way, which made face-to-face meetings impossible, much of our project was communicated via email. As the Contact person I feel I facilitated these communications well and kept our group up-to-date with the assignments that needed to be turned in, such as the original topic choices, outline, sources, etc. Despite my success as contact person we lost our two other members and received no communications from them. I feel that I made significant informational as well as grammatical and stylistic changes to our page based on my secondary role as a researcher and writer- a role we all participated in.

We lost two group members but I still feel that we were able to overcome many of our difficulties to create a very respectable page. I created the page and helped decide the topics to be discussed, as I created the headlines. I also helped in fleshing out articles by drawing upon the mahoney book I rented from the library. I also helped in the legitimization of the page by adding references and sources. I often would save after minor edits then do an edit immediately after following that, so it is difficult to use the history page to show the single eidts from edit to edit. It would be more helpful to look at the page at end of edits of one day compared the first edit of the given day.

    • User: arsgemini[1] [2] [3] Dispite loosing two people from our group we were able to work together and communicate what needed to be done on our page. I was in charge of researching and adding the part about the debate that still continues today on the proper role of general theory in historical comparative research. I also did some grammatical edits and research that added to the page. I believe that we all worked together despite the sicknesses and were able to put together an informative page.

Secondary_data Talk:Secondary_data[edit]

    • User:cougar32 [1], [2], [3] I was the contact person in the group who would set up group meetings along with dividing up the sections that needed to be completed and assigning my fellow group members. Everyone was responsible for their specific sections and also worked well with providing their sources in the reference section. I also ensured that everyone was on the same page and I brought the final printed copy of the page to class. On wikipedia I updated the Reference section and added in title headings for the sections. I also completed the first two sections in the Collecting, Reviewing, and Analyzing Secondary Data along with providing two examples of secondary data and a source in which it is used today in current research. Along with making minor edits along the way I also added information to Secondary Data Analysis.
    • User:cougar22
    • User:cougar11 Major edits [1], [2] Along with these two edits I also contributed most of the work to the section titled Secondary data analysis as well as doing all of the work for the section titled challenges of secondary data. My role was the same as everyone elses in the group. We divided the material and were each responsible for certain sections. I also added my references to the proper section. I also added a little bit to the introduction. I would forget to log in and that is why there are only two links to edits that I was responible for. I rest was done without me logging in.
    • User:cougar3

[1], [2] In acting as the velvet hammer in my group, I basically sat back and shouted orders with my feet up on my desk. On a serious note, my contribution to the group was the entire section on SOURCES for secondary data. I only have two or three links because I basically added all of my information at one time from home. Our group split the workload of the project, and we all took care of our own individual sections. In class (lab) we all discussed and agreed on each section upon being completed.

Demographic_analysis Talk:Demograhic_analysis[edit]

[[73]] [[74]] [[75]] I think that the majority of our group contributed to the wikipedia page equally and thus, produced an awesome page. Though one member hardly contributed at all, most of us took the necessary steps in the creation of the page. When the outline was due, all of the members, including myself were in attendance to work on the power point and contribute. When working on the project in class, we all used the class time well and used it to our advantage. I feel my contributions to the project held as much weight as the rest of the group. Though my contributions came towards the end, I feel that they were just as important and relevant as anyone elses. On the section about “Demographic Analysis in Institutions and Organizations”, I contributed all the sub-sections under it, and I think this was a significant contribution. Lastly, like a stated before, I feel that most of the group members contributed to the page and that the page turned out to be a successful demonstration of our knowledge of the topic and the use of certain research techniques.

    • User:bs325904 Major Edits: [76], [77], [78] For our group, I was supposed to be poster manager, but since we ended up not having to make a poster, my position ended up not existing. I was in charge of making the Standardization portion of our page. I feel though, that the majority of our group worked well together and contributed equally, and I am pretty sure we lost the member (erica?) that had our most valuable research book somewhere along the way, but the other 4 of us persevered it and came together to make a pretty good page on demographic analysis.

User:Aaron1509/Causal Explanation and Research Design[edit]

    • User:Aaron1509[1] This first link is just the creation of the page, all the work is my own. After this point i made several dozen small revisions all of which are no larger than a paragraph. As Group contact i arranged group meetings outside of class. As Velvet hammer i led the meetings and started several conversations that would establish our initial topic and everything that should be included. As a group THREE OF US DID THE WORK OF FOUR we lost a member at some point and Renee and Dustin and i were forced to do, not only our own sections, but Dereks as well. The three of us each contributed equal amounts of work.
    • User:Bballindil32[[79]]

[[80]]These links are the main portion of my work. Aaron Renee and myself did most of the work together. I did a few other cleaning up edits, and I did not log in to put in any more edits myself because all three of us were working on it together, so there was no need for one person to sign out, that would have wasted time. The three of us did Derek's work after we saw what he put up was inadequate. The three of us contributed an equal amount of work to the page.

Theory of religious economy[edit]

How does this fit in the theories of religion? To me it seems like a largely abandoned theory that has been superseded by the Theories_of_religion#Rational_choice_theory, but I am not sure. I would appreciate your help because I believe the article Theory of religious economy in its current state without contextualization (history, time and the degree of acceptance in the academic world) and explicit attribution to various scholars is not helpful and should be deleted or merged. Andries (talk) 15:23, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

jorwells: I am going to do a project on youtube on the effects of playing to much video games on your social life. Also the cause of weight and physical activity goes down, sports and other things will decrease in talent.