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I am R, I'm not going to tell you much about myself, only that I find I can relate to L, also known as L Lawliet, Ryuzaki, Hideki Ryuga, Eraldo Coil and Deneuve, not in his background, but in the way he thinks, the way he acts, and the way he does things.

I feel I am very close to L, having watched the anime Death Note over 20 times and having read the manga close to 40 times, I have a pretty good idea of what L will do in certain situations, but I try not to be too much of a copycat, because L is L, and I'm not L.

One of the closest things to L, maybe, but no one can truly surpass L. I try to take my own style onto his, creating a mix of L and R, which amounts to a lot of power and thought. I value knowledge more then anything - My education is what makes me. That's me, and I'm...


Top 5 Anime[edit]

• Death Note • DN Angel • Fruits Basket • Wolf's Rain • Nabari No Ou

Coming in 6th is • Naruto!

Great Manga[edit]

• Death Note • DN Angel • Beyond the Beyond • Fruits Basket • Ushio and Tora

Can I point out that Death Note is rated the 10th best manga ^.^

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