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I was blocked by Ed Poor who deleted my user pages too. Only a fascist could do this to a newcomer who has contributed useful articles like virtual sex. This community is not free and should find ways to ensure its members' freedoms and rights.

Please read my hot WikiJournal!

I am sexy's FAQ:

ASL?: I'm a 24 years old bisexual (but lately mostly lesbian) feminist open-minded WikiWoman living in Germany. I enjoy cooking and gardening and of course cybersex! :-)

My beliefs on boys?: boys are stupid, throw rocks at them

How open-minded am I?: If you want to have virtual sex with me, click here: WikiSex

What I believe about Wikipedia?: I think the greatest insight a Wikipedian could have is the understanding that the wiki isn't really something serious. We create articles but we also have fun, and this is what makes Wikipedia so different. We aren't paid employees of some big company who must work hard 8 hours a day without joking or socializing. We are amateur writers who came here to make friends, have fun, socialize and feel the warm feeling one has after publishing a new article. Sadly some people have lost their sense of humor.

What do I think about the sysops?: sie sind arschloche - dumme faschistische verwalter!

Do I sleep naked?: Yeah! :-)

Do I have nude photos?: Yes, but I only give them to friends who deserve them!