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My name is Ian Bailey, and I live in Toronto, Ontario. I also have a website. I'm not planning on writing a huge biography here anytime soon. You can find me on as "yanstheman".


Some things I have been currently working on:

Software framework taxonomy[edit]

I've been trying to create and define a Software framework taxonomy. In this, I am going around to various framework pages, and modifying their introductions to explicitly state what type of framework it is. I then move anything that is applicable to frameworks in general to consolidate useful information and reduce duplication of effort. I've encountered little resistance to my changes so far, and have been slowly growing the pages I have been changing.

However, I recognize I may not have thought of everything, and I am interested in hearing from individuals who disagree with my taxonomy, and the reasons they disagree. I have a feeling I will eventually hurt someone's feelings, and I would like to assure that I am only seeking to unify various bits of content to reduce the complexity of documenting the software world.

Adding references to some pages[edit]

This is really more of a TODO list.