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I am attempting below to remake the article about Fictionpress, with reliable sources and verifiable information as requested by one of the people who commented on Wikipedia:Deletion_review#FictionPress Please note that, once I have gotten this verifiable and notable enough to be added back as an article, I have no idea how to undelete the article... so if anyone sees this and can answer that question, it would be nice. I started this by copying the copy of the old wikipedia article about Fictionpress that was on In other words, a google search for Fictionpress revealed the old wiki article. I corrected things like the number of users (there are almost five times as many now) and deleted sections I don't think are right or can't find references for. The article is a work in progress. Any help would be appreciated.

Due to my lack of source finding for this one, I'm thinking that whoever decided to just add fictionpress as a section on the Fanfiction article has the right idea. The site itself isn't really that unique from fanfiction so it makes it simpler I guess...

For the article, see here