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Lars Housholder
Wikipedia Contributor
— Wikipedian  —
Self, CSUF Dorms, 2013.png
Name Lars Daniel Housholder
Born 2 December 1988
Bonn, Germany
Country  United States
Current location Fullerton, CA
Time zone UTC−08:00
Ethnicity Norwegian, Dutch
Hair Blonde
Eyes Green
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality type ESTP
Family and friends
Marital status In a relationship
Girlfriend Katherine Herrera
Education and employment
Occupation Financial Planning Assistant
Employer Emerald Wealth Management
University Cal State Fullerton
Contact info
Signature Sig2013TransparentLH.png

Lars Daniel Housholder, username In.tripletime, is a veteran contributor and frequent peruser of Wikipedia. He currently resides in Fullerton, California and attends California State University, Fullerton as a full-time undergraduate student.

Early life[edit]

Lars was born on 2 December 1988, in Bonn, Germany while his father, author and Lutheran pastor David Housholder was studying on a Fulbright scholarship. His parents named him after his father's college roommate, and also because they liked the name. Lars has since expressed appreciation for the naming choice, as it further adds to his Norwegian imagery. He grew up in Chimacum, Washington and Lakeville, Minnesota before moving to Huntington Beach, California at age 13. Lars attended Huntington Beach High School and graduated in 2007.

College life[edit]

Lars studied journalism at California State University, Fullerton for two and a half years. He then took a semester-long break from school in order to spend time out in Hiram, Georgia with a friend and reassess his goals. Soon after, he resumed education at Orange Coast College and re-enrolled at Cal State Fullerton in 2012 to study business administration.

Hobbies and interests[edit]

Lars is an avid cinephile and electronic music aficionado. His favorite band is Daft Punk, and his favorite television show is The Simpsons. He can often be found late at night, scouring and Spotify for new music. He also enjoys creative writing, especially in the stream of consciousness and surrealist styles.

After attending a Dave Ramsey financial course in 2010, Lars developed a passion for personal finance. He spends a great deal of time advocating proper money management techniques to anyone who wishes to learn about them, and believes that a large amount of the economic issues in his country are based on lack of money skills.

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