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The USoA, my home country.
Flag of the USoA, the place where I was born and being raised. USoA.
Galactic Cntr full cropped.jpg Based on scientific knowledge, this user knows that there can be no God, and is therefore an atheist.
This user believes that Vladimir Lenin was a good leader.
The Big Three.
This user knows a great deal about WWII.

15 years of age, I am a very enthusiastic adolescent. Learning about the world's history, and the science that created the world, has been the fire in my heart for about 7 years now. In all honesty, I have flaws; yet, I choose not to say them publicly. In my family, I have strong and close Norwegian, German and Sicilian roots.

Of course, no one being perfect, I quite often make mistakes. If I make one on a page, I ask the only that the criticism be constructive. We are all connected; are we not, biologically, chemically, and atomically?

This user is an Atheist, and has a neutral perspective on everything.
Jimmy Buffett.
This user is a big fan of Jimmy Buffett's music.


Science in general. There is nothing about science that I do not love; from the

Stephen Hawking, possibly one of the greatest minds of our time, even through his disorder, he will never cease to continually amaze me. I have studied his work on Theoretical Physics, and also Quantum Gravity. I knew about him when I was 4, mainly because of his popularity. I didn't fully appreciate his work until two years ago.

This user is a big fan of Stephen Hawking.

Carl Sagan; who even though died the year I was born, left a very large impact on my life. I have seen Cosmos: A Personal Voyage many times, the first being at the age of 10. My favorite quote at this current moment, is from him; 'If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.'

This user is greatly impacted by the work and life of Carl Sagan.

Vladimir Lenin for overthrowing Tsar Nicholas The II and establishing a government, after the October Revolution, founding the USSR. Takes a lot of nerve, gut, steel, and bullets to do that. It's thrilling, the story.

Ambitions, and future college degrees[edit]

Well, I have many things that keep me going. Some of which include:

Carl Sagan's achievements and his rythmatic symphony of understanding science. Energy. (of course) My conscience. An overall enthusiasm for everything I do. (except clean my room. I'm 15; give me a break.) The ideal that life is can be short and sweet, or long and bitter.

What I plan on doing in my future will be the following:

Acquire a Ph'D degree in Quantum Mechanics. & Acquire a Master's in Computer Programming. (as a backup)

Medical anomalies about this user[edit]

I had a disease called Hydronephrosis while I was in my embryonic stage of life. Unfortunately, I lost that kidney, and almost lost my other one 8 months later. Thankfully, I had surgery to fix that one. I acquired a polyp sometime later in life, and had it removed at age 14, by a doctor of the name, 'Robert T. Snowden'. He is a nice guy. At this same time, I had a deviated septum fixed by the same guy.


I began writing around the age of 14, around August. I currently have around 250,000 words logged on and counting. If you would like to see my page, ask me on my talk page.


Although I may say that I know a lot of programming, I sadly do not. I would like to know, but at this point, my sources are limited.

All the languages I currently know include:

HTML, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, Perl, (a bit of) AJAX.