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A new user: originally a Man of Kent but now residing south of London, UK.

Recently retired - having spent almost exactly one third of century in the employ of the UK's major telecommunications provider.

Originally a scientist qualified with an Honours Degree in Pure Chemistry from UCL [University College London]. Latterly an IT Manager with expertise in Broadband Provision, SDH circuit configuration and Prestel provision and in between a general purpose middle manager.

Have researched my family history for around 5 years resulting in a tree of around 600 members going back around 200 years.

Hoping to contribute to articles where I have some background - provided that I can locate suitable reference material that is appropriate for publication in an online encyclopaedia.

Current situation is that of a long term user and admirer of Wikipedia who is starting to understand where and how to learn about making a contribution and frankly wondering where this will lead.

After 20 odd years familiarity with personal computers, starting with the Acorn Atom, still relying upon an average of one finger per hand to express myself online.

Definition of Inspeximus according to OED [1] is "Law. A charter in which the grantor avouches to have inspected the earlier charter which he recites and confirms" [L., = 'we have inspected'; the first word in recital of the inspection of charters etc.].


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