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Iron Tobias
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Phylum? I barely even know him!
Class: None
Order: Large Jalepeno Poppers
Genus: Mayhaps
Species: Yes, please!
Binomial name
Wikipedius ferrum
Al-Jazari, 1157

Guten tag! Just making a user page to refer to my talk, or if anyone is interested in finding out more about me (until the time I am of enough note to have someone else make an actual entry, that is).

I infrequently make minor edits and expand stubs (mostly for the fungi and food projects), and have created only a few articles as of now; but I'm open to suggestions for improvement on any of the Wiki work I've done. Or will do. Am doing. Whatevs, yo!

Early Life[edit]

Irontobias, born June 21, 1987 in Elgin, Illinois, was raised intermittently in nearby Carpentersville for the majority of his childhood. When not living there, he was dragged by his single mother to various residences in locations throughout the south and midwestern U.S., including Hot Springs, Arkansas, China, Texas, Marengo, Illinois, and Elgin, Illinois.

Current Life[edit]

After graduating from Dundee-Crown High School, Iron moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend High Tech Institute; wherein he gained a worthless degree in Graphic Design and Animation and a not-so-worthless nuclear family consisting of a wife and daughter. He is currently employed by Comcast, where his occupational duties include sitting and drinking free coffee.


(insert black humor here)


Iron's intrests include, but are not limited to:

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