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Here is a page on which I will put any notes I want to leave myself.


Augustinian theodicy - Calvin

New Labour[edit]


Kant & Strawson[edit]

P. F. Strawson[edit]

English philosopher P. F. Strawson published The Bounds of Sense in 1966, in which he attempted to identify and defend the aspects worth preserving in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Instead of adopting Kant's approach of explaining the possibility of synthetic a priori judgements, Strawson proposed determining what we can make sense from modifications and combinations of conceptual schemes. Strawson rejected much of Kant's metaphysics: he argued that Kant's transcendental idealism - the idea real objects are unknowable beyond out experiences of them - becomes incoherent when it is applied to ourselves. That we can receive appearances of other objects appears to be a truth that we do know. Strawson then analysed Kant's arguments in the Critique, judging them to be defective, but presenting weaker conclusions that can be defended.[1]

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