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Famous Person of the Day[edit]

Today's famous person is....

Actress Taylor Dooley

"Dooley was born of Irish, German, English, and Sioux Native American descent on her father's side and of Belgian, German and English descent on her mother's side;[1] she has a younger brother named Drew. Dooley was raised a Christian and grew up in Glendale, Arizona, where her family moved when she was six. She began acting and dancing in the Phoenix Theater's Performance Troop, and soon appeared in commercials for Famous Footwear, Disney Superstar Kids, and Mary Kate and Ashley clothing, among others."

Archives of Famous People So Far:

  • November 13th: Joe Biden
  • November 14th: James Earl Jones
  • November 15th: Eric Carle
  • November 16th: Yo-Yo Ma
  • November 17th: Mike Myers
  • November 18th: Barack Obama
  • November 19th: Shigeru Miyamoto
  • November 20th: Taylor Dooley
  • November 21st: TBA (Hint: JONES!)

Website of the Day[edit]

Be sure to view this webpage. It has LOADS of fun stuff!

November 20th's Website to view:

November 21st's Website to view: Here's a hint: Tina Fey? No! She's Sar....

Video Game Review of the Day[edit]

November 20th's Video Game: Sonic the Hedgehog for your Moblie Phone

Closing Comments from

"I was expecting a huge disappointment when I downloaded Sonic this week -- porting one of the most recognizable games of the 16-bit generation on a handset (in this case, an LG VX8000) seemed like a rather daunting task. That, and even though SEGA has done almost everything in its power to dilute the brand, I still have much love for Sonic, especially his classic games. But Sonic the Hedgehog is a success. Fans will feel right at home, thanks to levels lovingly recreated and the sense of speed that truly defined the franchise. The corners cut didn't bother me in the least -- after all, this is a mobile game -- and I hope hardcore fans can look past them, too. If you are still a devotee to SEGA's mascot or just want an excellent platformer, download this game. Nice work, SEGA Mobile."-

Talk Page Topic[edit]

Today on my talk page, let's talk about: Pizza

Any post on my webpage about Pizza will be posted on the "Topic of the Day Posts."


  • NO bad langauge!
  • Seperate your ordinary posts from the Topic posts.
  • If your post is in the Topic post column, I will respect it as a Topic post, NOT A REGULAR POST!
  • Have fun!

News of the Day[edit]

  • Girl inhales battery, now fights to live through major operation*
  • Bag lost in space
  • World navies getting invovled
  • Ad for Middle East peace
  • Oh my gosh!

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If anyone would like to help me, I would love the help!

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Indiana Jones Fans, Read This![edit]



Tommorrow: November 21st[edit]

My webpage will be set up differently due to schoolwork I must finish. I will need to finish my updating earlier.

Nintendo Power Came![edit]

My issue of Nintendo Power has come today. It's articles are:

  • Test of Time (10th Anniversary of Ocarina of Time- Interview with Eiji Aonuma)
  • It Came from Japan (The latest and greatest from the 2008 Tokyo Game Show)
  • A Most Gentlemanly Escape (Preview of Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure for DS)
  • The Gamers' (Non-Game) Holiday Gift Guide (Holiday gift guide on Nintendo goodies including books and tees!)