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This user is mostly a Sunday editor--I am usually not participating in Wikimedia projects on other days of the week.

If you have anything you want to say you may mention it on my talk page.

Did you know that Wikipedia is used as a reference on and So, when we edit, keep in mind that schoolkids and college students may be using our work without knowing how easily it is edited here on Wikipedia or how reliable or unreliable it can be. Wikipedia is an "encyclopedia," which means it is supposed to be an introduction to a topic, not a battleground or a compilation of all knowledge or possibilities. If there is something you wish to contribute that does not belong in an encyclopedia, it may belong on another Wikimedia project such as Wikibooks (the writing of books on a topic, not just an encyclopedia article), Wikiversity (teaching a topic, exploring, and experimenting, proposing possibilites, etc.), Wictionary (definitions of terms, including less common uses), and Wikisource (books or references that were published, but can be made available to other readers). If the neutral point of view doen not fit your tastes, it can be contributed to Wikinfo, another wiki-powered project. For many things that would otherwise not be on Wikipedia, Wikia may be an excellent venue to publish it.

Regarding footnotes and HTML links: if you see me adding HTML links where there should be footnotes, it is only because I occasionally get wiki-lazy--I already know that footnotes are better (especially if the printer-friendly pages print them!!--I have not checked it out yet if they do).

Regarding quotes: this user has a frequent habit of bombarding with several paragraphs of a document, rather than being content with rephrasing or underquoting it. I might even need to improve this habit!

Eventually I will add these userboxes (if they exist!): This user recycles and frequently drives 55mph on freeways to get good gas ecomomy, and prefers to obey speed limits. This user does not have a TV and enjoys not having it.

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