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My current particular (if intermittent) interests are the European microstates and related entities (there is far more to the history of the very small than might be imagined), and historical survivals in London and elsewhere. Present interests include the history of London's Government - and am developing the London wiki partly with this in mind.

I am developing several small wikis, and may copy between them and Wikipedia - so it is best to check for 'common authorship' rather than copyright.

Former UK local government districts[edit]

I am developing basic entries for various of the local government areas and bodies in the UK: will continue developing them (adding categories etc) in due course.

Nikolai Chebotarev[edit]

I am a historian of Imperial Russia. The book, "Blood Relative" had been recommended quite some time ago. I have interviewed the author several times. I have investigated his finding to be both valid and extremely accurate. Other documents away from his finding have also been found. This is a very extensive story around many individuals. I am currently working with the historian at Clandeboye, speaking to Lady Dufferin's private assistant. Lady Dufferin is very hard of hearing now. There is quite a bit of historical findings at Collon as well. Most Americans have no fancy for research and investigations. I have met Glenn Meade who also has researched this find. Have you found there were Nikolai Chebotarev is buried?