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This is a page to plan and document a series of articles on naval operations in the West Indies during the Napoleonic Wars, principally those operations that occurred after the departure of Villeneuve's fleet in 1805. This is not intended to be a complete topic (as the Mauritius Campaign articles were), principally because articles would be required on Spanish operations on Hispaniola and a number of other actions that I am not sufficiently knowledgeable or prepared to write upon - an overall article could one day be contemplated but its not in my long term plans.

I am not planning to create any articles on actions involving warships smaller than frigate size: I think such engagements are better summarised in an overall campaign article and are not of sufficient interest or importance to have their own articles (there are of course exceptions to this rule on occassion, although not here). I do hope to be putting together as many articles as possible on the ships and men involved, with the assistance of User:Rama, who does excellent work on the French Navy.



  • Capture of Thetis


  • Invasion of Cayenne, 6-14 January 1809
  • Capture of Topaze
  • Invasion of Martinique
  • Capture of Junon
  • Capture of Haupoult
  • Capture of Furieuse
  • Capture of HMS Junon, Destruction of Loire and Seine


  • Capture of Guadeloupe (and Saint Martin)


  • Capture of Amethyste (Haitian frigate)