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Jadewik is my online sobriquet or screen name, though I've also had others. In general, all my usernames are comprised of semi-precious gemstones and my favorite element-- fire. In this case, it's a combination of jade and a candle wick.

Brief Biography[edit]

I graduated from the University of Arizona in 2004 with a degree in Civil Engineering. I have nine years of experience working in Transportation and Public Works doing roadway design, and two additional years of work for the state department of transportation.

In my spare time, I enjoy doing historical research, but I have many other hobbies ranging from relaxing reading to more physically draining activities like pole vault or basketball. I love sports, and at one time I was the Arizona State High Jump champion for 4A high schools. I also can draw decently and have a gallery at Elfwood and another at Deviant Art.

I also try to learn new or different things. For example, I can write backwards just as fluidly as I can write forwards-- you can hold it up to a mirror and it looks like normal handwriting. I am a very unique individual and try to improve myself as much as possible.

Goals for Wikipedia[edit]

I actually use wikipedia quite frequently. I love it. It is an excellent source of cursory information. Now that I have an account here, I plan on contributing to Wikipedia as often as possible. In the future, I'd like to help expand information dealing with my field of work and hobbies-- I know I have a few images and books that I could reference for creating or editing articles and would be more than happy to contribute this information.