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Hi, I'm James Weed. I live in the countryside of Northern Virginia where I can pursue my passions for horseback riding, motorcycling, or sometimes just walking down a country lane. I have a BA in English from The College of William and Mary, and an MA in Elizabethan Drama from Old Dominion University. I have published a book of poetry on Li Po, a poet of T'ang Dynasty China, and hope to publish a second volume of poetry written in the voices of famous American authors. I love all things related to art and music. From this list of interests you might never guess that I work in the technology and telecommunications arenas, as I have for many years. Long before there was even a World Wide Web I was an avid user of the Internet. It's gratifying to know that the things we only dreamed about in those early days have finally begun to become reality. I enjoy the creative process of bringing these visions to life. I believe my talents as a writer and editor who can simplify complex topics -- and perhaps even make them fun to read -- will be of value here at Wikipedia.