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Hello, I'm Jamesb01. I take photos whenever I can, so when I run across a Wikipedia article that's sans graphic, I look through my archives for an image that will hopefully make the article more interesting and understandable and upload. I also add tidbits of information to articles whenever I have first-hand knowledge.

I love good movies and television shows from the past and present and have some first-hand knowledge about the people and industry inter-workings.

I'm also a motorsports, motorized vehicle and transportation technology enthusiast (wind, fossil fuel and electric). I collect motorsports books, magazines, art, photos, vintage crash helmets and protective apparel. Thank goodness there are many people like me with this mild obsession.

Links that I like: - A great international adventure (on and off-highway) motorcycle forum - A great international motorcycle sport-touring forum - Like Wikipedia, an international treasure - A gigantic collection of motorsports art and vintage racing photos - fuel economy automotive community forum

My image contributions:

Sport-touring heaven.

A downhill section of the big track.

A group of sport-touring riders camp near a lake in central California.

Mckechnie Field in Bradenton, Florida

Palmdale, looking east toward the Antelope Valley Freeway and the San Gabriel Mountains.

From the road leading to Mountain High North is a great summertime view of the East and West trails.

The Punchbowl has many interesting rock formations and scenic places to take a break.