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Hi, my name is Jarhed. I have been contributing to Wikipedia anonymously since it first came up on the 'Net. I develop business software, and I was one of the first programmers at Perot Systems to write an Internet application. I made and lost a fortune during the dot-com bubble, but it was all on paper.

In 2005, I created an account under my real name in order to contribute an original article. Unfortunately for me, I did this contemporaneously with the Seigenthaler incident. Please forgive me if it scared the itshay out of me. Some of you Wiki-whateveryouares are psychotic. I could just see you, standing on my doorstep with a chainsaw, demanding that I come out and debate your freedom of speech issue. I hope you will forgive me if I take a soupçon of effort to protect myself.

Many editors including the Wikimedia Foundation and Jimbo obviously want to fix the Wikipedia BLP problem. Here is a good essay about the subject on background: Wikipedia:BLP problem. I note that this article has been updated with some great contributions. I trust you all to help fix these issues. In short, Mary Anne's arrest for marijuana possession cannot be added to her BLP. Why? None of the authoritative sources wished to comment on the subject. Why did they not comment on it? Because they have an ethical standard that informs them that they will not print. Get this through your thick skulls: no authoritative sources: no comment. It is there just as plain as the nose on your face. If you don't like this, start your own newspaper and become an authoritative source yourself. In the meantime, I trust them.

Note: I might or might not be paid as a consultant to make edits for other people or entities. In all cases, I expect all editors, including myself, to conform to Wikipedia guidelines for editors.

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