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I am a writer, so I look forward to editing and writing in Wikipedia. I have many interests like sports, music, politics, exercise, travel, religion, etc. Since I write on my website and publish books of poetry, short stories, etc., I probably won’t spend too much time here. I have used Wikipedia a lot over the years and I would like to contribute and give back though. Thanks. Jasonagastrich (talk) 09:43, 9 January 2019 (UTC)


I have a photo album on Instagram and I’ve been adding to it for a few years @jasonagastrich. [1] I take pics of nature, selfies, animals and many other things.


I watch YouTube videos every day. I like comedy, music, nature, sports, world news, local and national news, cooking, politics, etc. You can see the videos that I watch and like. [2]


I contribute to Reddit, so if you want to read my posts [3] and comments [4] you can. I’ve also created a subreddit for all types of posts. [5] Enjoy.

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