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About me[edit]

I'm Javier Ramírez, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Technical Instructor and Author of the book "Aptana RadRails: An IDE for Rails Development"[1] . I've held different positions throughout my career, but the ones I lately use are Software Architect and Web Consultant.

Originally from Zaragoza, I currently live in Madrid, Spain. During my career I've been located also in Barcelona, Milan and New York City.


I'm mainly interested in Web Development, business models based on the Internet, and the social changes in life as a result of going globally online.

I'm also interested in programming languages. I have used many languages in the past, but I'm a bit rusty in most of them. The ones which currently fall within my areas of expertise are Ruby (and Ruby on Rails), Java/J2EE, JavaScript, PHP and SQL. HTML and CSS are a part of that list too, although they are not strictly speaking programming languages.

Past Companies List[edit]

Just a quick list, in case you are curious about my past or not sure if you know me. If you want to find out more details about me you can visit my blog[2]

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria
intesys Integrated Software Services
vector software factory
genetsis partners
qarana solutions
fundación san valero

Wikipedia Contributions[edit]

I am interested in reviewing/contributing articles about my areas of expertise. I can read, to some extent, articles in Italian, German, or Polish, but I'm only fluent in English or Spanish.

Online Materials[edit]

This is a list of materials with Creative Commons licenses

All the entries of my blog
Presentation about developing Rails plug-ins
Presentation about using XML with Rails
video of the panel about web fameworks at SIMO 2007
video of my presentation about Rails plug-ins development at ConferenciaRails 2007

I also make regular contributions to the Ruby On Rails mailing list in Spanish[3]


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External Links[edit]

javier ramirez's homepage
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