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My first Wikipedia edit was on 22 March 2008. Unabashedly stealing a line from Wikipedian Administrator, Kralizec!, "If you want to know more about me, you must be either lost or bored." Nevertheless, I'll tell you a few things here, and I'll try to add more content soon. Jazzdanse (talk) 19:42, 22 March 2008 (UTC)


My interests and hobbies include caring for my four children (three grown and one still at home), dancing with my wife (and others, but mostly with my wife), coastal sailing, organic gardening (we grow much of the food that we eat all year long), greenhouse gardening (we grow food 12 months a year in northern New England), and Jazz music (both American swing/jazz and Latin jazz). Our favorite dance styles are Smooth-style Swing (which is currently misnamed Hollywood-style Lindy Hop here in Wikipedia - a problem that I hope to fix someday), and Salsa. We also enjoy many styles of Ballroom dance.


I am just beginning to identify my personal Wikipedia philosophy. At this early stage, I believe I am an adherent of Eventualism. I am finding some degree of enjoyment with identifying articles that lack citations and taking time to do patient and through citation research to verify the information and improve the article.

Self Study[edit]

Being relatively new here, I am studying Wikipedia philosophy in an effort to improve the quality of my contributions to Wikipedia.

A few other handy links for self-study:

Some of my other favorite Wiki guidelines, rules, policies are:

Contact info[edit]