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one thing i want to know and that i know it will never be known is the meaning of life. . ... so i really really am interested in any ones or anything who is but able to tell me one.. i dun yet to think this life is interesting enough so i'm bound to swim in the ocean of mythology, fiction world, philosophy, epics, or anything that could make me a little bit understand about life.. i really am desired in poetry, literature, and some advice in writing( its so hard to start one thought >,<) if u have something to share about mythology and phylosophy or fiction and literature : friendster and YM are much better


Symphony Of War

The sky is burning

It's burning so hot

Too hot that I can't use my mind anymore

It's wet It's red

It's dropping tears and rain

Of blood

Flames sprout around me

From the burning ground

Of Gaea

The fragile atmosphere

The thin air

Is turning red

The echoes of the sound of drums ride the wind

The screaming of the warcry is everywhere

The burning ground can't stop quaking

Even heroes can't be a savior

Even angels stop singing love

Even the kingdom of sky turns hollow

In the chains of words and symphony of war

The Symphony of war

And love stops satisfying me

And the air pulls its oxygen out of my mortal body

And all I hear

Is for one

For Ones

And One

Is for all

The Eternal Symphonia