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JDUCK1979 - a long time used internet screen name of near Copyright status of John Duck from the Whitby area of North Yorkshire, England (March 1979 - present day). The name first started life on YAHOO! sometime around 2000/2001 having forgotten the log-in details for my original "DUCK1979" screen name I created there in the first year or two of me first getting the internet, and starting to use Yahoo on a more regular basis (e.g. Yahoo Groups, messenger + the now defunct photo albums they had before snapping up FLICKR).

Active Domain names / Websites of JDUCK1979 / - a website for anglers
The Family's Grocery Store business
My Own Photography & Web Design Business
My Monty Python Fansite

InActive / Parked Domains belonging to JDUCK1979

Other official Profile Pages of JDUCK1979

Yahoo Profile
MySpace profile

favourite websites (fun & games, general fun reads, hang outs, etc)

The Motley Fool (US)
The Motley Fool (UK)
The Muppets
Ben Lovejoy's Nurburgring website
Garbage Pail Kids World

favourite websites (causes)

Campaign Against Political Correctness
P.E.T.A Kills Animals - for some strange reason it keeps vanishing from their Wikipedia entry
Anglers Conservation Association
Sea Anglers Conservation Network
Wild Trout Trust
Deltic Preservation Society
Stop the Lies of Global Warming