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Oh, I exist, all right.

I'm a retired physicist, formerly employed with a defense contractor and, before that, as an officer in the US Air Force. Presently, I live on a small ranch on a forested hillside in the Allegheny Mountains, in Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

I have goats, and I raise apple trees. I used to do some intensive gardening, but that was when I was in Alabama. It's too rocky in these hills to plow much.

I'm an amateur astronomer, trained mathematically to be an astronomer, and I especially like celestial mechanics.

I'm also a White nationalist, a former member of the National Alliance, and a former editor for National Vanguard Books. I quit my job there after my last employer, Dr. William Pierce, died of cancer in 2002, remaining only long enough to complete the publication of the last authorized version of "WHICH WAY WESTERN MAN?"