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Summary: Jenny Brengelman, born in Riverside, CA in 1952, following almost 50 years in Alabama, currently lives in San Diego, CA..

Family: Mother of 2, grandmother of 2 teen boys, with a loving supportive husband.

Background: With a Masters in Early Education, and an additional specialty in Reading Recovery. Jenny taught at Barrett Elementary School for 24 years, leaving in 2008 due to health problems. Currently on disability for brain lesions from lupus, and struggling following after surgery for second hand smoke lung cancer, Jenny is now fighting with second hand smoke COPD and a serious bacteria in her lung, Mycobacterium Avium Complex. Jenny is a survivor of invasive breast cancer in 2000, and invasive aspergillosis in 2003 with a recurrence in 2015.

For a more personal note: please visit my talk page.