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Interests and about me[edit]

Love space, and the space shuttle. I started watching shuttle launches ever since the STS-107 Columbia accident. I watched STS-114, STS-121, STS-115, STS-116, STS-117, and STS-118. I loved Rick Husband and his great and wonderful crew of STS-107. I hope that they are in Heaven right now in peace and quiteness. I also love the International Space Station. I have been following every expedition since Expedition 12. I love to see them do a wonderful job every day and to help expand the station. I also love the Ares-1 and Ares-5 launch vehicles. I hope to one day see humans return to the moon and live on there. I hope that they stay on the moon and do expeditions like they do on the ISS. I hope to one day be an astronaut myself. I want to go to the moon and even try to be one of the astronauts that spend months living in space. I would love to go to Mars too. I hope to go to one of them in my future. Right now I am a sophmore in high school and I love math and science. I hope that these fields of interest will lead me to a great career at NASA. I want to go to college and recieve my bachlors degree in either Aerospace Engineering or in Areonautical Engineering. My future is bright and want to achieve it to my fullest. I am a twin and we look both alike. I also have a sister.