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{{Lopbn-scp|Ω}} (Replace Ω, & preview, for access via this window to needed template group.)

Routine Building of a new LoPbN-tree page & the indexes in it and linking to it[edit]

New Markup as of 2007 April; for now, copy from edit pane for "Method using..." section[edit]

Method using Single Template-call[edit]

Break out <NEW CORE>[edit]

1: Template call:

REPLACE THIS LINE with the UNsaved, UNrendered "Template-Generated Markup" below, ONCE THAT IS PROPERLY CODED, including verifying that the "Rendered links" are the ones for the new set of pages intended.

2: Template-Generated Markup:
{{Lopbn L3 by cores|name=no|prefix=no||}}


  1. Remove the blank in the middle of the 4 tilde (~) characters, just above the final comment lines at the end.
  2. Throughout this process, bear in mind that the nature of the Lopbn L3 templates may make the server response time for viewing, previewing or saving this template-talk page, Template talk:Jerzy/LoPbN Tools, surprisingly slow. Please be patient. (The cause of this will not affect performance of the accompanying Template: page.)
  3. Develop the UNsaved, UNrendered version of the Wiki markup just above by editing it in the Edit pane, viewing the UNsaved, RENDERED (preview) version, and, WITHOUT SAVING, repeating as needed.
  4. When the UNsaved, RENDERED (preview) version seems right,
    1. copy the UNsaved, UNrendered version to below the "Template call" heading just above here,
    2. copy the UNsaved, RENDERED version to below the "Template call" and "Rendered links" headings above and below here.
  5. Preview again; if the result is surprising, discard the copied matter below the "Rendered links" heading, and follow the above instructions again, starting with number 3.
  6. Assuming the "Rendered links" material looks right, READ the remainder of these numbered instructions, and AFTER reading them:
    1. Remove ALL these numbered instructions, and the "Instructions" heading above them, from the edit pane.
    2. Save this template-talk page.
    3. Treat the remaining, UNnumbered statement below (which you will be able to read after saving) as an instruction you are to carry out. That is, grasp what it says should be the case, and make that be so.
After saving both this page and this template-talk page's accompanying template page, Template:Jerzy/LoPbN Tools, the (rendered) "Template-Generated Markup" just above should (until superseded by future changes to that template page) also appear in the saved version of the edit pane that accompanying template page. (That will cause the rendered template page look like the (rendered) version of the "Rendered links" just below.)

3: Rendered links:
KEEP REPLACING the NON-BLANK line below again, with the revised (UNsaved, but preview-)RENDERED "Template-Generated Markup" above, if the rendering of the line below looks unsuitable for the desired subdivision of the relevant LoPbN page(s). And REMOVE THIS LINE JUST BEFORE SAVING.

REPLACE THIS LINE with the (UNsaved, but preview-)RENDERED "Template-Generated Markup" above, ONCE THAT RENDERING appears to be coded in a way that at least looks like the SYNTAX of what follows "Template-Generated Markup" ISN'T COMPLETELY BROKEN
--~~ ~~

Markup for Initiating Links template[edit]

In the following, the set of five skeletons, some of which may be useful to make extra copies of, includes a series markups useable for class-I pages (single letters, each for one page covering a range defined by a single common prefix) for use inside -l2, -l3, -l4, &/or -l8; often by discarding some portions, they can be useful for -lrng1 and to some extent -lrng.

  • The following lines, preceding the next bullet point, are body markup for creating, during the first subdivision, any new "Template talk:List of people ... Links" page.

<!-- HAND-REWORK these skeletons:] -->


'''{{List of people
''' Nm Sw}}<nowiki>{{subst:lopbn-lrng1|

<!-- PASTE OVER the following but DO NOT HAND EDIT it -->
<!-- PASTE OVER the preceding but DO NOT HAND EDIT it -->

<!-- Future additions go just above here -->
<!-- PLEASE DO NOT FURTHER EDIT old template-generating content above -->

Markup for Revising Links template[edit]

  • Markup for revision
* (Revision of ~~~~~)<br>
<!-- HAND-REWORK these skeletons:] -->
[PASTE OVER THIS a copy, FROM THIS EDIT PANE, of the "REWORKed skeletons" of the immediately previous subdivision, immediately above.]
<!-- PASTE OVER the following but DO NOT HAND EDIT it -->
<!-- PASTE OVER the preceding but DO NOT HAND EDIT it -->

Templates for Generating Access-to-rest-of-list templates[edit]

This function is now being incorporated into the Lopbn-p template

{{List of people-Top}} {{List of people-Separator}}
{{List of people M Links}} {{List of people-Separator}}
{{List of people Mc Links}} {{List of people-Bottom}}

Templates for Generating Special LoPbN-Tree Pages[edit]

template for Name-pg-Switch ("Template talk:List of people Nm Sw") Pages[edit]



templates for Links-to-Own-Children ("Template talk:List of people Xxx Links") Pages[edit]

Entry-building templates[edit]

Page-Index building templates[edit]

Meta-tmplt workaround templates[edit]

Templates for Main LoPbN-Page Indexes[edit]

Misc Templates[edit]

{{List of people
{{Index only| a person}}

This comment exists to keep this permanently short page (like others, within the tree whose root is

  List of people by name 

, that should never include names) from appearing on the shortest-articles page: otherwise these pages would obscure the pages there that probably can be expanded soon or deleted. This comment can be removed, if the design of this page ever changes to result in a sufficient length of source text.


<!-- This comment exists to keep empty "list of people by name" pages from clogging the shortest articles page. These comments can be removed once this page has some actual content that is longer than this comment. -->

Component pages[edit]

Static compilations[edit]

People-named pages[edit]

(and other "non-class-I/-class-II" LoPbN pages; as of 14 November 2005 )

Pages known to have had names added when empty[edit]

Pages not listed under 0 on User:JniBot/Reports/February 2006 are marked with bold.