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I guess I'm a Wikipedian now so I'd better make a user page. I'm Jesse Gordon; I live in the Boston Massachusetts area. I was born in NYC and raised in New Jersey, and moved to Boston to attend college at Brandeis University and then Harvard University.

My wikipedia edits focus on two areas:

  • Science: I work as a chemoinformatician and bioinformatician at Dotmatics, and formerly at CambridgeSoft. I hold a Biology and General Science degree from Brandeis, and did a lot of biology fieldwork for the EPA, NMFS, and their state counterparts, as a contractor, as well as working for some non-profit environmental organizations.
  • Politics: Every four years, I get busy covering the presidential election, and in the interim, I prepare the website but it's not so busy. I'm active in progressive Massachusetts politics, too. I hold a Master in Environmental Policy degree from Harvard, which combines science and politics.

I'm engaged to Kathleen Camara, with whom I reside in Randolph, MA; I have a 15-year-old son Julien; we have a cat named Chanel.