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Hey there, fellow Wikipedians. I guess I'm a latest addition to the Wikipedia group and have taken up the role as a Campus Ambassador in Pune to help further the use of Wikipedia among the various universities here. I'm a relative newbie to Wikipedia myself, so I'll be learning as much as many of you over the course of this program. What really got me to join this initiative is over the years, Wikipedia has enabled me to obtain free information about what I want, when I want it. I hope this culture of free knowledge for all is as appealing to you as it is to me and we can hopefully spread this message to as many as possible.The following link is an online chat room where you can get help on various aspects of Wikiepdia [Chat Room]. Here are two trainers with whom you can interact individually User:Pjthepiano & User:Srikeit. Here is a picture of me that I have uploaded on to Wikimedia Commons, a method that you will learn during our classes.

Hey, the id that i was using for my ESS assginment has been blocked due to copyright violations. a session was undertaken in our class and i now understand the concept. the wiki editors want the campus ambassador to leave a msg on my talk page so that it gets unblocked. i request you to do that for me. the user id is: saumya1025. thanks - saumya.. SSE

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