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My goal is to document as many long lost motion picture "shorties" ignored by the multitudes of cinema geeks. I have nothing against Hitchcock, Disney, Star Wars, The Hunger Games and "nouvelle vague", but who is to say that Jerry Fairbanks, André de la Varre, Robert Youngson and Charles E. Ford should be regulated to just ancient history "footnotes" in an encyclopedia?

If they are THAT lucky.

Yes, Paramount Pictures makes a lot more money from its recent blockbusters being upgraded to BluRay, but an Oscar nominee only made five decades ago shouldn't look THIS shabby: (view at your own risk) [1].

After all, one must look to the old RKO Sportscopes, Fox Movietone Adventures and Paramount Pictorials in order to get a proper documentary "eye view" to Life Back Then. The feature films involving paid actors were great as Hollywood product (and we should count our blessings that some networks like Turner Classic Movies still broadcast material in genuine black and white), but there is still a treasure trove rotting away in vaulted canisters.

Fortunately the Warner Archive and Sony are at least TRYING to dust off some of their vaulted goodies, even if presented "on demand" and higher prices. Yet there is still a long way to go, even in this internet age. Contributing one film at a time to the site is exhausting, but necessary. Yet, at a location like this, some (possibly too-too long) "filmography" lists might help provide some sort of "starting point"... and encourage The Curious Film Archeologists to dig deeper and add further information.


Feel free to make corrections to any articles I start here. The more contributions, the merrier. Yes, I make mistakes... and neglect important names, but my ego isn't that vulnerable.